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7 Early Stages Of Hypothyroidism Symptoms In Women


Hypothyroidism is a common disease for women, which is related to the hormonal changes of the body. Thyroid gland has to secrete sufficient amount of thyroid hormone to stimulate the proper menstrual cycle. The metabolism of the body can be controlled by the hormone produced by the thyroid gland.

Hypothyroidism can also be referred as underactive thyroid. By understanding hypothyroidism symptoms in women, one can be aware of the disease at the early stage. However, the symptoms of the disease can vary according to the severity.

Symptoms Related To Hypothyroidism

The symptoms that are related to hypothyroidism are mentioned below.


Increased effect of hypothyroidism can make the affected person feel fatigued, tired and sluggish. Difficulty in sleeping and insomnia can be the reason for the symptom of fatigue. Hypothyroidism can increase the blood pressure and pulse rate of the body. It can cause exhaustion and fatigue to the person with hypothyroidism. Hence, the risk factors and symptoms of the disease can be increased. Based on the symptoms, the disease has to be treated with proper medications.

Increased Sensitivity to Cold & Flu

Effect of hypothyroidism can increase the sensitivity to cold & flu. Thyroid gland plays a vital role in regulating the body temperature. Imbalance on hormone level can decrease the tolerance of the body against the cold infection. Individuals with hypothyroidism can be affected by cold at any time, irrelevant to the temperature of the outside environment. Hence, sensitivity to cold can be the symptom to determine the presence of hypothyroidism.

Constipation And Weight Gain

Weight gain and constipation can be the early signs of hypothyroidism. It can prevent the normal movement and formation of the stool. This effect can increase the severity of the constipation. Even after following different ways to reduce the weight, the body weight of the person with hypothyroidism cannot increase drastically. Thyroid hormone can be major factor required to stimulate the normal metabolism of the body. People can attain abnormal metabolism due to the problem in the thyroid gland and its functions.

Nail And Skin Changes

Change in thyroid hormone can have natural effects on skin and nails. The skin of the affected person becomes dry, pale and coarse. Healthy nails can turn out to be brittle and can easily break.

Decreased Sweating

Decreased sweating can also be the symptom to realize the hypothyroidism.


The increased level of hypothyroidism can develop the enlarged nodule at the throat. The enlarged nodule can be referred as goiter. It can be a symptom to determine the different types of thyroid. In the effect of hypothyroidism, excessive stimulation of thyroid hormone can lead to the development of goiter. Swelling of thyroid tissues can result as goiter as well.

Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain can be included as the early signs of hypothyroidism. Thyroid gland can be an important component in improving the energy of the body. Insufficient amount of thyroid hormone can depress the energy levels required by the muscles. Hence, joints of the muscle become swollen and tender which can increase the muscle pain of the affected person. Understanding the symptoms of hypothyroidism symptoms in women can help people to identify the root cause and get relief from the problem at an early stage.

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