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Early Signs And Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is a cancer that affects the testis of a man. Every year thousands of men are diagnosed with testicular cancer. Most men have a tendency to hide any symptom that is related to their reproductive organ due to fear of losing their self worth. Like all cancers, testicular cancer too will have high chances of cure if diagnosed in the early stages.

For this, a man needs to be extremely careful about any symptoms that would point to a problem in the testicles and the surrounding area. Here are some ways to identify the symptoms of testicular cancer and protect your life from complications.

Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer

Formation Of Lump

All kinds of tumours start with a lump on the said area and with testicular cancer, the lump could be immediately visible as the testis is outside your body. This makes it easy to notice the lump in the early stage itself if you are careful to check even slight differences in size between the testes.

The testis might be swollen and the lump can be very hard to feel and can cause fluid build up inside the scrotum. In some cases, the scrotum will have a flushed colour which points to a problem in that area. Lump formations can sometimes be benign as well and only further testing will reveal the kind of lump you have.

Pain In The Testicles

Both benign and malignant lump formations inside the testicular region will cause some kind of pain and discomfort in the region. The pain can be intermittent or persistent depending on how far the tumour has grown.

The pain may not be limited to the testicular region as the cancer advances. It can spread to nearby organs like groin, thighs, abdomen and lower back as well. All kinds of persistent pain in these areas must be taken seriously.


Since testis is a small area, any growth inside the testis is bound to cause some kind of outward pressure or pulling sensation which men feel within the scrotum. The weight is caused when the tumour pulls against the skin as it grows.


When tumours are malignant, the immune system of the body is trying to fight off the cancer cells and prevent its spread. This will lead to extreme fatigue in men as the body is using all the resources to fight the spread of tumour.


Vomiting is much more common when the tumour is benign. The patient will always have an unexplained feeling of nausea which can lead to bouts of vomiting as well.

Enlargement Of Breasts

In some cases of testicular cancer, there will be a certain soreness, feeling of tenderness or enlargement of the breasts as well. Testicular cancer can mostly be detected by the patient himself as the symptoms are immediately obvious due to the high visibility of the testis.

Early stages of the cancer can be treated through removal of the cancerous testis and chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Removal of one testis will in no way affect a man’s ability to procreate or have intercourse.

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