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Detan Your Skin With Facial And Some Beauty Tips


Just like Oxygen Bath facial Ultra hydrating facial helps in reviving your beauty and glow back on your face and make you look like a Barbie doll. So first let us check out how it is done and what are the benefits of this Ultra Hydrating Facial.


During cleansing the whole face is cleaned and all the area around neck is also cleaned with a nice cleanser, because along with the face the neck also needs proper cleaning and care. Now the cleaning cream is use to massage your face for around three minutes and then with a clean cloth dipped in clean water is used to clean your face. Wet tissue can also be used for cleaning this massage cream.

De-tan cream

During summers tanning is the most common problem which mostly women suffer from. Tanning means the darkness in the skin colour generated due to over exposure to the sun and this skin darkening is removed with the help of de-tanning in this Ultra hydrating facial. That is why this is the most loved and appreciated facial during summers.

In order to remove tanning from your face and neck the de-tanning cream is applied on the skin for ten minutes. This de-tan cream has certain chemicals which give even tone to the skin and make it brighter and whiter in colour. This is not any type of bleach; de-tanning cream is totally different from the bleach.


This is a process quite similar to scrubbing but the tanned skin cannot be scrubbed because it might further damage your skin due to rubb9ing with scrub as it has small granules. SO instead of scrub we use microdermabrasion during summers on tanned skin. Since the skin becomes already very dry due to heat so instead of scrubbing we do microdermabrasion and remove the dead cells from the skin.

Microdermabrasion is lighter and easier on this dry and damaged skin due to tanning. If the skin is too dry then we can also give steam to give some moisture to the skin pores. Steaming will also help the granules of microdermabrasion to dissolve and reach the inner layer of the skin. Thus steaming is helpful in giving nutrition to the inner layer of the tanned skin and makes it fresh and clean.

Whitening Cream

If the sun burn is of very high intensity then skin whitening cream is the best product to revive your skin from tanning. The vitamins and minerals present in skin whitening cream help in working against wrinkle formation and help in nourishing our skin too.

Skin Tonic

Skin tonic is used to nourish the dry and dull skin due to tanning. A cloth dipped in rose water, normal water and rose oil is kept on the face for about 10 -15 minutes. By keeping this cloth on the face the face feels fresh and cool too and this also helps in reviving the old glow back on your face.

Aloe Vera effect

After removing this wet cloth from the face, with the help of ultrasonic machine aloe Vera gel is applied on the whole face and around the face too. This ultrasonic machine helps in inserting aloe vera gel deep into the inner layer of the face as well as the skin around the face too. Now after this aloe vera gel application with the help of cooling balls are used to massage the whole face and neck for 4-5 minutes. Cooling balls put right pressure during massage and give a nice cooling effect too while massaging. This also helps in boosting the blood circulation of the skin thus making it healthy back again.

Hydrating Pack

Face pack is the last step of any facial so a special hydrating pack is applied on the face in this Ultra Hydrating facial. This face pack is water based which is available in a capsule form. Whenever you want to make the face pack just break the capsule and make the pack immediately by dissolving it in water.

The hydrating pack in the form of capsule cannot be kept once opened, use it immediately otherwise it will lose its benefits. To remove the sun burns and pimples high frequency machines are used. After leaving this hydrating pack on face for 20 minutes it is removed and with the pulp of this pack only the whole face is massaged. This pack and facial is efficient enough to remove acne and sun burns very quickly.

Some beauty tips for fresh and de-tanned skin

This facial is an efficient coolant for the facial skin and the skin around the neck too. It not only helps in cleansing the pores and removing the tanning it helps in cooling the eyes too. Ultra Hydrating facial is also used to keep your eyes cool in summers. You can also remove sun burns by using water melon, aloe vera and jowar powder.

Make a smooth paste by mixing all the three things and apply it on your face and after leaving for few minutes wash it off with cold water and just see how your skin starts glowing back and the sun burns are removed. To stop ageing of the skin you can use aloe vera gel mixed with honey , both of them will prevent wrinkles and ageing from your skin thus giving you a younger and fresh look. Try to keep your skin fully moisturised because lack of water makes your skin dehydrated and buy a good water based moisturiser in order to hydrate your skin properly.

Thus ultra hydrating facial is an excellent cure for sunburnt and tanned skin, other natural ways might take time to repair the tanned skin but this facial provides nutrients to the skin with the help of hydrating pack, de-tanning cream etc to the innermost layer of the skin. So it improves the tanned skin faster and in few days the glow will be back in your skin. During summers you can also try chandan or sandal wood, multani mitti and fruit facial to keep your skin hydrated and tanning free.

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