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Cyanosis – Causes and Treatment


What is cyanosis?

Cyanosis is a bluish hue to the skin, gums, fingernails, or mucous membranes caused by a lack of oxygen in the blood. When blood is fully oxygenated it appears bright red; when it lacks oxygen supply, the blood is a dark purple or bluish red. This lack of oxygen in the blood supply to a body part, such as the nail bed, skin, or mucous membrane, causes that body part to take on a bluish tint.

This condition has been observed and not tested in the laboratory. Cyanosis can be described with the typical blue color in the skin. Scientifically, when the quantity of un-oxygenated hemoglobin surpasses 5 gms/100 milliliters of blood, then cyanosis results. This condition is believed to be harmless but it is also a bad sign.

Cyanosis can be further categorized as either central or peripheral. In the former condition the blood in the arteries is deoxygenated and abnormality in hemoglobin is observed. This can be seen by physical appearance of the skin and the mucous membrane. However in the later case the amount of oxygen extraction is abnormally high. And the flow of the peripheral blood is relatively slower.

Causes Of Cyanosis

1. Aging
2. Excessive wreck of dairy products.
3. Low fiber diet
4. Patchy water inlet
5. Irregular eating habit
6. Unbuttoned ease
7. Weak abdominal muscles
8. Catalexis
9. Resisting frequently the urge of bowel movement.
10. Irregular routine of bowel movement
11. Overuse as for laxatives resulting in weak colon muscles.
12. Medications like narcotic pain relievers, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, iron supplements, certain antacids etc.
13. Irritable bowel syndrome
14. Certain diseases like hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, spinal three-by-four injuries, multifarious sclerosis, scleroderma, crater, diabetes, tripody tumors, colonic creeping, intestinal pseudo-obstruction etc.

Aloe Vera for Burns

Sometimes studies tell us what we already know. Aloe vera is the herb for minor burns, a fact that was confirmed most recently in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand. Keep a potted aloe on your kitchen sill; it requires no care beyond weekly watering. For minor burns, snip off a thick leaf and slit it open; scoop out the gel from the inner leaf and apply to the burn.

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