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Cures For Morning Sickness In Pregnancy


The nine months of pregnancy is a difficult period in a woman’s life as her body undergoes several hormonal changes resulting in a number of pregnancy related symptom. The tendency to vomit and nausea are some of the symptoms that expectant mothers usually experience during the first trimester.

Although most pregnant women complain of morning sickness during the first trimester, some of them experience it in the final trimester while some women suffer from feelings of nausea throughout the pregnancy.

So, are you wondering how to pull through the months of pregnancy when the nausea and vomiting tendency is making you feel increasingly bad each passing day? Worry no more as here is a list of cures for morning sickness during pregnancy.

Cures For Morning Sickness In Pregnancy

Eat Something Before Getting Out Of The Bed

One of the most effective ways to prevent morning sickness is to snack into something just after waking up before even getting out of the bed. Eating something before getting up would absorb all the acids in the stomach and would also keep the blood sugar under control. The absorption of the stomach acid would prevent nausea the moment you get into your feet.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

More fluid intake helps in minimizing the severity of morning sickness. Drink close to 10- 12 glasses of water everyday and also increase the intake of juices, herbal teas as well as soups in your diet. When you are experiencing symptoms of vomiting and nausea, it becomes easier to digest liquids and semi-solid foods in comparison to solid foods.

Eat Smaller Meals

Instead of having a heavy breakfast followed by an enormous lunch, try eating smaller meals but at more frequent intervals. You should consume a mini-meal or a small snack every 2-3 hours to keep your blood sugar level up. Low blood pressure can make you feel queasy due to which women generally experience morning sickness in the afternoons after several hours has passed since they last ate.

Avoid Spicy Food

One of the effective ways of keeping morning sickness at bay is avoiding foods that are rich in spices. Consuming too much spicy food during the months of pregnancy would lead to acid reflux and this accentuates the chances of experiencing morning sickness.

Consume Foods That Prevent Morning Sickness

Although you are probably already keeping a tab on your pregnancy diet, increasing the consumption of some foods would significantly lessen the severity or frequency of morning sickness. Eating foods rich in carbohydrates but low in fat would ensure that your morning sickness symptoms get reduced to a large extent. Dairy products, protein rich food such as meat and fish, avocados, whole-grain pasta, breads are some of the common morning sickness preventive foods.

Practice Healthy Eating Habits

One of the basic ways of preventing morning sickness is by facilitating the process of digestion. Before ingesting the food ensure that you chew it properly to aid digestion. At the same time, avoid drinking water while eating meals as this hinders the process of digestion.

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