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Cure Acne And Dark Spots With Sandal Wood Packs


Acne has been a real trouble especially in teenagers which they face quite often and here is the wonderful treatment for these deadly acnes which will not only cure the problem of acne but it will make your skin glow too and that is Sandal Wood. It is not that all the teenagers suffer from the problem of acne but sandal wood is one such natural drug which removes not only acne but makes your skin beautiful.

Sandal wood has antibiotic elements which remove all the toxins present in our skin. Not only acne but sandal also helps in treating pimples or scars on your face if you use sandal on your face regularly. Once the acne or pimples are removed they leave some scars or spots on your face so continuous use of sandal paste will prevent these spots too.

The nice smelling sandal wood paste or face pack is effective treatment for acne and if used daily it moisturises your skin also. During winters and summers skin needs a lot of moisture which can be naturally given with the help of sandal wood packs.

Method for making Sandal Wood Face Packs:

You can make easy face packs with pure sandal wood powder at home only by mixing 1 teaspoon sandal powder with half teaspoon of turmeric powder. Make a paste by mixing them with either rose water or curd will also do and apply this face pack on your face. This pack will give nice cooling effect on your face and will prevent all the acnes and pimples too.

Turmeric being antibiotic in effect will remove all the infection causing bacteria from your skin and the sandal wood will make your skin glow and will make your face free from dark spots too. Keep this face pack on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off with cold water and just see the change in your skin and the face will also appear brighter.

In order to remove any type of scars or blemishes from your skin you can prepare another face pack at home. It can be made by mixing equal amounts of both sandal wood or chandan powder and turmeric powder. Make a paste by mixing both these powders with milk and if the milk is raw that is not boiled then it will be more beneficial, as raw milk is a real good cleanser for skin. So along with moisture your skin will get cleansed too.

After making the paste add a pinch of camphor in the paste which should be finely powdered. Apply this face pack on your face by massaging a bit so that the blood circulation improves. Leave it on your face for the whole night. This face pack will give nice cooling effect throughout the night and will make your skin free from any dark spots or blemishes. Remove the pack by washing it with cold water in the morning and just see the beautiful skin you would be sporting.

Add equal amounts of Sandal wood powder, turmeric and lime juice and make a paste out of it. Apply this face pack smoothly on your face and leave it on for half an hour and then wash it with cold water. This will make your skin soft and supple and all the blemishes will also be removed. Try this face pack once in a week to get a soft and smooth skin without any spots.

If your skin is oily then you can apply a paste of sandal wood powder and rose water every day for half an hour, it will save your skin from developing any kind of pimples or acnes because sandal wood is antibiotic in nature. You can say good bye to all the pimples and acnes permanently by applying a face pack made from equal amounts of gram flour and sandal wood powder. Make a smooth paste out of these two by mixing them with rose water or milk. Leave this pack overnight on your face and just see the magic, your skin will be free from any kind of acne or pimples in few weeks only.

Benefits of using Sandal powder:

Sandal wood powder has been used as natural beauty enhancer for long time. Ayurvedic cures are done with the help of Chandan powder for any kind of skin problems. Any kind of burns or cuts or scratches or boils or blemishes etc can be cured with the help of sandal wood paste. The cooling and the antiseptic effect of sandal wood make it very effective ointment in itself.

Sandal wood is mainly found in Southern India and is very expensive too; pure sandal wood or powder is very expensive. Newlywed brides use sandal wood pack or pastes before marriage to make their skin beautiful and glowing. Moreover the beautiful smell also enters their skin pores and they can sport natural soothing smell all the time during marriage. That is why there are no side effects of using sandal wood powder.

Positive features of Sandal wood:

Since the sandal wood is effective in killing all kinds of bacteria so it makes an effective herbal antiseptic and helps in curing any small cuts or bruises. It even cures the smaller burn injuries with its cooling effect.

Any kind of rashes or itching in the body can be cured with a paste made out of sandal wood powder and turmeric with lime juice.
Sandal wood oil is effective moisture for dry skin and makes dry skin glow too.

Any mosquito or bug bite can also be cured with the help of sandal wood paste. It will reduce the reddishness of the bite and swelling too.

If any part of your body skin is getting dark coloured or black apply a paste made from 1 teaspoons coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of almond oil and 4 teaspoons of sandal wood powder. Apply this paste on the black spots in the exposed area of the skin and just see the change in your skin colour after few days.

Excessive sweating can also be prevented by applying a paste of sandal wood powder in water all over your body.

That is why there are so many sandal wood products like soaps creams etc available in the market. So why not get a beautiful skin free from any skin problem and start loving the skin you are in.

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