Common Causes Of Nocturia


Nocturia is a condition in which a person wakes up frequently at night and feels the need to urinate urgently.

Generally people can sleep six to eight hours without feeling the need to pass urine, but in case of people suffering from nocturia, the need to urinate is more frequent. This condition is more common amongst older men and women, often for different reasons.

Although this abnormal occurrence of urination is usually not a cause for fear but it can be the indication of various diseases, especially kidney disorder, urinary tract disorder or heart diseases.

As a person repeatedly wakes up at night, sleep deprivation is often the common result amongst older adults, which hinders their daily activities.  There can be several causes of nocturia.

Common Causes Of Nocturia

Shrinking Bladder

The chances of having nocturia become more with the advancing age. This is because as we age our bladder also shrinks significantly and as a result bladder capacity decreases and it becomes necessary to empty it out quite a number of times.

Lifestyle Practices

One possible cause of nocturia can be drinking too much fluids before bed time, particularly the drinks that work as diuretics. Lifestyle practices like drinking caffeinated drinks or alcohol before bed time can cause nocturia. Refraining from drinking alcohol and caffeine can help to combat nocturia significantly.

Prostate Gland

Elderly men often suffer from enlarged prostate. Prostate gland is located underneath the bladder and is the main component of the reproductive system in males and a common cause of nocturia.

Medications Side Effects

Certain diuretic medications and lithium that helps the body to eliminate excess fluid can cause nocturia. While taking any medicine, read the side effects to know if this could be the cause of nocturia. You can also change the time of taking this medicine after consulting your physician.

Bladder Or Kidney Condition

Certain urological conditions like bladder and kidney condition, bacterial infection or viral infection of bladder and urinary tract can cause nocturia.  Besides these, prolapse of bladder and the decrease ability of bladder to hold urine can also cause nocturia.

A person suffering from diabetes or congestive heart failurecan also experience frequent nighttime urination. In women, nocturia can occur during pregnancy, uterine prolapse or menopause.

Rare Medical Conditions

Certain serious medical condition like strokes, bladder cancer, tumors of pelvis, renal failure, heart disease and interstitial cystitis can cause nocturia. These are life threatening conditions and if you feel you are suffering from any of these conditions, see the doctor immediately.

Effects Of Nocturia

Nocturia can cause serious health problem due to chronic sleep impairment. The frequent urination changes the normal “body clock”. The negative effects that it leaves in your body are dehydration, body fluid imbalance and fatigue due to significant loss of electrolytes and water.

Diagnosing The Cause Of Nocturia

To diagnose the condition your doctor may ask for your detailed medical history and your condition related to nocturia like how often you urinate, when did the condition start, whether you have any chronic medical condition, your diet, routine lifestyle and the medications you are taking?

Your physician can conduct certain physical examination like genital, abdominal and pelvic tests to determine the exact cause of nocturia. Urine test can also be performed.

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