Common Causes Of Downs Syndrome

Common Causes Of Downs Syndrome

Down’s syndrome is a condition which is also known as Down syndrome in some parts of the world. This condition affects a child right from infancy. It leads to various disorders in the human body as the child matures. In many cases, the physical growth of the child is also affected in an adverse way. The child then shows visible signs of an abnormality.

In some cases the child might have an abnormally round head while some other children might have a distinctly small chin and short limbs. The mental growth of the child is also negatively affected and this leads to learning disabilities in years to come. Such children are not able to cope with learning new languages or complex subjects at school.

Down’s syndrome happens due a defect in the twenty-first chromosome which is present in every human body. In the case of Down’s syndrome, this chromosome is present along with an additional portion of a chromosome.

It is this additional portion which is said to be responsible for the occurrence of Down’s syndrome in the body. Over the years, medical experts have been able to study this disorder closely and they have been able to discover certain likely causes of Down’s syndrome.

Common Causes Of Downs Syndrome

Extra Part of the 21st Chromosome

The human body normally has twenty three pairs of chromosomes. This means that there are forty six chromosomes in our body. However in the case of Down’s syndrome, the twenty-first chromosome does not get a chance to form properly. As a result of this, the twenty-first chromosome develops an additional portion. The additional portion causes serious disturbances in the genetic build-up of the human body. This additional chromosome is responsible for the occurrence of Down’s syndrome.

An Additional 21st Chromosome

A human body should normally contain exactly twenty three pairs of chromosomes. If the number of chromosomes in the body is less or more than forty six, there can be several disastrous effects in the body. In many cases of Down’s syndrome, the body of the patient contains an additional chromosome.

This blunder occurs at the time when the child is conceived. The additional chromosome can be inherited from either of the parents of the child. This extra chromosome causes the nucleus to become abnormal. As a result of this abnormality, the growth and development of all the major body organs is affected.

The Age of the Mother

Several studies have been conducted on the causes of this syndrome. Some of these studies have brought an amazing fact to light. It has been discovered that the age of the mother is an important factor in such a situation. If the mother is older than thirty five years of age, this increases the chances of Down’s syndrome in the unborn child.

This is why doctors recommend that every expectant mother should have certain tests conducted which would be able to find any abnormal chromosome development in her body. This would be helpful in reducing the number of Down’s syndrome cases among children.

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