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Bodybuilding Dieting Mistakes


If you have a lanky frame or looking to pack on some pure shredded muscle then here are some commonly committed bodybuilding dieting mistakes that you must avoid to get the desired results soon.

Bodybuilding Dieting Mistakes

Imprecise Calorie Tracking

Ensure keeping tabs on calorific intake along with protein, carbs as well as fats. Any miscalculation of calorie consumption or not keeping records of foods eaten is bound to lead to failure for people keen on gaining weight or muscle builders not shedding fat at the expected rate. Keep a calculator as well as a nutritional almanac handy in the kitchen for accurate tracking.

Avoid Saturated Fats and Processed Foods

Steer clear from foods that have undergone processing and saturated fats. Instead, obtain your nutrition from wholesome foods like sweet potatoes, brown/ white rice, egg whites, fishes, turkey, chicken, veggies and fruits for fuelling your muscles with the right nutrition to get optimal results.

Choose 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Choose good fats found in seeds, fishes, nuts and olive oil that assist in maintaining hormone levels.

Being reliant on Supplement Powders

Supplements such as whey protein powder and creatinine must be used judiciously since they can’t replace commitment and hard work. However, they could enhance your performance during workouts while assisting in repairing muscle and recovery.

Not Avoiding Catabolism

The body is most catabolic after a workout which means that it is breaking down tissue. Hence, post-workout nutrition holds importance as it puts the body in a growing state. The body is also in a catabolic state when one is asleep for protracted periods of time. Hence, it is crucial for skinny people who struggle with gaining weight to eat proper pre-bedtime nutrition.


For example, consume some source of protein just around thirty minutes before bedtime along with casein or innate fat like nut butter or milk. Add some complex carbohydrates which are slow to digest and last throughout the night to keep the body in an anabolic state for longer.

For example, oatmeal in a shake or a wheat bread slice with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter along with a cup of milk are all good choices.

Being Dependent on Weighing Scales

Steer clear from the weighing scales as a measuring tool for one’s progress and instead use measuring tape or a good brand of calipers for measuring body fat. Compute your BMR (basic metabolic rate) by making use of body weight, age as well as height and multiplying this number with 1.9 for determining the amount of daily calorie intake for yourself.

Eating sufficiently for giving the body the nutrition it needs for reparation and muscle gain though avoid overeating as excess calories get converted into fats.

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