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Causes Of Pediatric Prediabetes

Pediatric Prediabetes

Pediatric Pre-diabetes is an umbrella term used to suggest that a child may be at the threshold of developing the Type 2 diabetes. In this medical condition, the blood sugar level in a child is higher than other healthy children who belong to the same age group, but not so high that the condition could be labeled as diabetes.

This ailment may occur in children who are under 18 years of age. Pediatric pre-diabetes develops mainly because of the increased levels of sugar in the blood and insulin resistance. This condition is mostly observed in children who are suffering from abnormal weight gain problems.

It is difficult to diagnose pediatric pre-diabetes because it does not show any special signs or symptoms. All the symptoms in this ailment are same as the Type-2 diabetes. Thus, it becomes important to understand the causes of pediatric pre-diabetes and try to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Common Causes of Pediatric Prediabetes


Genetics play a very crucial role in the development of pediatric pre-diabetes. Research suggests that kids with a family history of diabetes in their immediate family have increased chances of developing pre-diabetic symptoms.

However, it is also observed that sometimes even if one kid among the twins have diabetes, the other may or may not have this ailment. This suggests that genetics alone cannot govern the onset of diabetes in a child and must be influenced by some other factors too, to develop pediatric pre-diabetes.

Environmental Factors

Many times, pregnant women may not be immune to some viruses such as rubella and chicken pox and when they deliver their babies, the chances of developing pediatric pre- diabetes become very high. It is important to take some important tests before you plan your pregnancy and take the advised vaccinations so that you can work towards preventing pediatric pre-diabetes due to these environmental factors.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main causes of developing pediatric pre-diabetes. When children are overweight, have unhealthy eating habits or do not exercise on a regular basis, then the chances of developing pre-diabetic condition increases tremendously.

Termination of Breast Feeding

When breast feeding is stopped for a baby before he or she reaches the age of 3 months, it may cause pediatric pre-diabetes. Mother’s breast milk is chosen to be the best baby food for initial 6 months, as it is considered to be self sufficient and does not require any other supplement for the baby. But, sometimes, providing mother’s milk may not be possible and needs to be terminated untimely, which can later cause pediatric pre-diabetes.

Damaged Immune System

Dysfunctional immune system is one of the top causes of pediatric pre-diabetes. In a healthy situation, the immune system protects a person from various bacteria and viruses. But, in pre-diabetic condition, the body becomes weak, as the immune system begins to attack and destroy the healthy cells that are needed to produce insulin.

Insulin is an important hormone that helps in the metabolism and utilization of energy from glucose. With the destruction of insulin producing cells, reduces the amount of insulin produced in the body, leading to imbalanced blood sugar level.

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