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Gum Disease – Causes And Treatment

gum disease

Gum disease, or gingivitis, is inflammation of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth and is most commonly a result of poor dental hygiene. Gingivitis is a very common condition and varies widely in severity. It is characterized by red, swollen gums that bleed easily when teeth are brushed or flossed.

Gum disease is the major infection at teeth that is characterized with pain and bleeding.

There are different types of gum diseases occuring in a person such as – Gingivitis, ANUG (Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis) and Periodontitis. Each type has its own characteristics and features in affecting and creating inflammation at the gums that troubles people immensely.

This disease can be cured at the earlier stages with efficient medical treatments available in practice. For this purpose, it is important for people to know about gum disease causes and treatments available, so that they can prevent medical complexities efficiently.

Causes Of Gum Disease

Smoking and Using Tobacco

There are several causes for gum diseases available and one of the frequent causes is smoking and using tobacco. This factor, apart from causing cancer, heart and lung diseases, it affects the gums of the teeth that results in developing periodontal diseases.

Structure of Genes

There are various medical reports available, which states that people are genetically vulnerable for teeth infection. There are also various tests conducted among people that even after following proper medications and prevention methods, there are possibilities of gum disease infection genetically. Making use of medical treatment is the only option available for these people, to get relief from gum disease.


It is a health situation, when there is increase in blood sugar levels of a person causing medical issues. People having diabetes problem have risks of getting infected by periodontal diseases that creates health issues. This situation causes troubles for an individual’s body in processing and using needed insulin, which in turn causes gum infection exquisitely.

Menopause, Puberty and Pregnancy in Women

As women tend to take care of teeth by brushing and taking healthier food, at times, they require some extra care in overcoming health defects. During times such as menopause, pregnancy and puberty, there will be lot of hormonal changes occurs in women that causes troubles in not only gums but also other related tissues. This increases the risk of gum disease in women and it is necessary to consult doctors accordingly for eliminating the medical severities.

Treatments Of Gum Disease

There are several gum disease treatment used and the main objective of each treatment is to control and stop the infection. Depending on disease severity and days, the type of gum disease treatment varies accordingly.

Surgical Treatments

There are two surgery types namely – Flap surgery and Bone and Tissue Grafts surgery used for curing gum disease infection. This treatment is carried out based on certain factors, which has to be decided by the dentists accordingly.


There are various medicines like Antiseptic chip, Antibiotic gel and microspheres, Antimicrobial mouth-rinse, Enzyme suppressants and Oral antibiotics are used in treating gum diseases exquisitely.

Deep Cleaning

This treatment comes into action when the teeth root has been completely infected by the disease. It involves two processes – Scaling and Root Planning that has been performed sequentially in clearing the infection. In scaling, the tartar present in between the gum line has been scrapped and cleaned. This is followed by planning that eliminates germ prone area present on tooth rough regions. By doing so, the chances of bacterial growth have been abolished completely. Then, dentists make use of laser for removing tartar and plaque, which helps in preventing swelling and bleeding at the tooth efficiently.

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