Causes and Symptom of Bladder Infection


Bladder infections are very common in women although that does not mean that men get to go scot free! Men can contract bladder infections too and the chances of the same increase with age or the size of the prostate gland.

And although the occurrence of the condition is extremely rare and is said to occur only in 1 of every 100 individuals or so, it needs to be taken into account as an infection that could lead to other health related ailments in the long run.

Risks of Bladder Infections

Bladder infections do not pose threats to the body if treated immediately. The recurrence rate is also low with proper treatment and follow up medications. However, if ignored, the condition can lead to other more serious complications like kidney infections, permanent kidney damage and even kidney failure.

Causes of Bladder Infections in Men

Before getting to know the symptoms of a bladder infection, it is imperative that you understand the various causes for the condition in the first place. Doing so would help you recognize the symptoms and deal with the issue better.

Bacterial Infections

The major contributors of bladder infections are bacterial infections that usually spread from the rectal area to the bladder. The bacterium that is the most common cause of bladder infections happens to be the Escherichia Coli. Other forms of bacteria that could also contribute to the condition include Klebsiella, Proteus species, saprophyticus and Enterobacter etc.

Enlarged Prostate

With age, the prostate size would start increasing in men. This can enable the bacteria to spread rapidly to the bladder and cause infection.

Inadequate Personal Hygiene

Not drying the rectal or urethral area after washing can cause the bacteria from these places to move to the bladder. Wiping from back to front can also cause bacteria from the rectal region to travel to the bladder.

Weakened Immune System

A weakened immune system would not be able to fight off bacterial infections that could spread to the bladder. In the absence of a strong immune system, bacteria would start to grow and multiply in the rectal areas, and can easily spread to the genital area and the bladder from there.

Other common causes for bladder infections in men include stress and existing medical conditions like diabetes and HIV etc.

Symptoms of Bladder Infections in Men

Bladder infections can be recognized by a series of symptoms, the most common of which are given below.

Frequent, Foul smelling, Burning Urination

Individuals with bladder infections will not be able to control their urine. They would develop the urge to urinate often. Traces of blood would also be visible in the urine in severe cases of bladder infections.

Bladder infections would also cause the urine to emanate a strong, foul smell. Those with the condition would also experience great pain and discomfort while passing urine. Accordingly, individuals with bladder infections would develop a burning sensation in their groin when urinating.

Lethargy, Fatigue and Body Pain

Lethargy and fatigue are common symptoms of bladder infections in men, especially elderly individuals.

This would most probably be accompanied by other symptoms like loss of appetite, abdominal pain and cramps, nausea, cold, sudden chills, mild fever, extreme discomfort in the lower abdomen, bladder spasms and pain experienced above the pubic bone.

Severe Symptoms to look out for

In the case of a severe bladder infection which could potentially lead to other more serious conditions, an individual would start to experience any or all of the symptoms mentioned below. The onset of these symptoms would definitely warrant a visit to the doctor as soon as possible.

Dizziness, Delirium and Disorientation

In certain cases, an individual suffering from a bladder infection would tend to feel confused or disoriented. He/she would tend to develop frequent headaches and would feel delirious and dizzy at regular intervals.

Persistent Pain and Discomfort

If the pain and burning sensation does not go away within a day, chances are the infection is developing.

If the discomfort and pain remain even after you take medications to control the same, you may have to call the doctor.

Penile Discharge

If the burning sensation in the penile region is followed by a discharge, chances are the bladder infection might have progressed to something more serious like a pelvic inflammatory disease or a sexually transmitted disease.

Accumulation of Symptoms

If you tend to develop several symptoms at once, including painful urination, bloody urine, nausea, chills, fever and body pain, chances are the infection has progressed to a more life threatening issue, probably a kidney or prostate infection or disease, a kidney or bladder tumor or a kidney stone.

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