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Breastfeeding Benefits for Mom and Baby


Breast feeding is something that is very special that a mother can do. Breast milk is found to have all the nutrients required for the proper growth of the baby. Through breast feeding a mother can fortify the health of her baby. Most of the mothers are now worried about their body shape and hence discontinue breast feeding in one or two months. This is only because they are not aware of the benefits of breast feeding. Here are some health benefits of breast feeding.

Benefits of Breast Feeding

Reduces the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer

One of the reasons for the cancer-fighting effects of breastfeeding is that estrogen levels are lower during lactation. It is thought that the less estrogen available to stimulate the lining of the uterus and perhaps breast tissue also, the less the risk of these tissues becoming cancerous.

Less risk of cancer

Breastfeeding can decrease your baby’s risk of some childhood cancers. And you’ll have a lower risk of premenopausal breast cancer and ovarian cancer, an often deadly disease that’s on the rise.

Fortify the Immune System

The first milk that comes out from the mother’s breast is called colostrum. This colostrum is rich with antibodies that helps to build immunity in babies. This helps the babies to fight against various diseases.  More over colostrum protect and strengthen the baby’s  respiratory tract and intestine. The colostrum makes a coating on the digestive tract and protects the infant from absorbing any harmful bacteria or allergy causing proteins that entered in to the digestive system.

Protection Against Diseases

Breast feeding reduces the risk for developing ear infection in infants. Breastfeeding also reduces the respiratory infections, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, kidney infection etc. Breastfeeding also plays an important role in reducing sudden infant death syndrome. The sucking act of breast feeding helps the kids to develop better and strong teeth.

A menstruation vacation

Breastfeeding your baby around the clock—no bottles or formula— will delay ovulation, which means delayed menstruation. “Breastfeeding causes the release of prolactin, which keeps estrogen and progesterone at bay so ovulation isn’t triggered,”

Avoids Digestive Problems

Breast milk is the only food that a baby can  digest easily with out facing any digestive problem. This is because breast milk contains easily digestible proteins. Thus breastfeeding helps to reduce the chances for constipation and stomach upsets.

Improve Intelligence

Certain ingredients present in breast milk which are not available from artificial milk contributes to the development of brain. It also increases the bond between the mother and the child. It also aids in improving the coordination between hands and eyes. Breastfeeding has a major role in the spiritual and emotional development of the baby.

Breast feeding also helps the mother to regain the previous state faster than non breast feeding mothers. It also reduces the risk of getting ovarian and breast cancer in mothers. and also act as a natural contraceptive .

Breastfeeding Helps In Lose Weight

While some women seem to gain weight during breastfeeding, others seem to effortlessly lose weight. Although breastfeeding increases a mother’s energy demands by about 500 calories per day, the body’s hormonal balance is very different from normal. Because of these hormonal changes, lactating women have an increased appetite and may be more prone to storing fat for milk production

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