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Breast Lift And Augmentation

Breast Lift And Augmentation

Breast lift surgery, or mastopexy, usually takes about 1 to 3 hours, depending on the technique used, the degree of ptosis (sag), whether implants are used to augment the breasts, the skill of the surgeon or the amount of correction needed. Your surgery may take longer if other procedures are being performed in conjunction with your breast lift, such as reduction or non-breast related procedures.

With the enhanced consciousness of the “perfect-figure”, today more and more women are looking out for options to perfect small imperfections in their body. Studies have especially proven that women who undergo breast enhancement procedures develop a better lifestyle due to better self-image, health, mental stability and renewed sexual vigour, due to the perfection that they achieve in their physical appearance.

Methods Available in Market Today for Breast Lift and Augmentation

Several options are available to the modern woman today, with each one appropriate to the lifestyle that she leads. One can choose whether to only increase the firmness of the breast, prevention of sagging, or to enhance the cup size through additional volume, or to specifically shape up the breast in order to improvise on the cleavage and position of the nipple.


Benelli Breast Lift

Otherwise known as a Circumareolar Lift. This is best used for slight nipple asymmetry or a mild lift. A doughnut-shaped incision is made around the areola to remove tissue and the skin is then ‘purse-stringed’ to tighten the breast skin. It is less invasive than full mastopexy. A flattening effect on the breasts may occur.

Breast Lift Surgery

In this procedure the surgeon makes a breast of natural contour along with incision which is anchor shaped. During the surgery the tissues and skin is sculpted by the surgeon and nipples are repositioned to give the breast youthful, firm, round shape. Nicotine products are strongly recommended three week prior and post surgery. You need to stop smoking as it may create hindrance in the healing of wounds and also enhance the scars visibility.

Doughnut Breast Lift

This process involves removal of fewer tissues from the breasts and the recovery time is very fast in this process. In this procedure the execution of incision which is circular is done around the areola. The process involves the removal of doughnut shape skin that surrounds the particular area.

Alternative Products for Natural Breast Enlargement

There are several non-surgical and non-invassive methods of breast enhacement to prevent sagging and breast flab, and helps with enlargement, which are in the form of herbal and natural gels, capsules, serum, creams, masks, etc. Most products today are FDI approved and are recommended by plastic and cosmetic surgeons, since long-term studies have proven no side-effects or complications.

These products expand the cellular substructure of the breast, by increasing the estrogen level, thus promoting the development of the lobules and alveoli, resulting in firmer and fuller breasts with greater support as well as volume.
Side Effects Of Breast Lift Surgery
Ways To Help Someone Recover After Breast Implant Surgery

How Does the Procedure Exactly Work?

The entire procedure is a only a one-day appointment at the doctor’s clinic, where the breasts are examined and operated upon depending on the patient’s choice of shape and size. An innocuous silicone implant, appropriate to the desired structure, is prepared and a small incision is made at the bottom of the breast to implant the silicone.

This completely painless procedure takes about two hours in total with immediate results, and it is recommended that the patient avoids lifting anything heavy or strenuous exercise for two weeks, after which their life regains complete normalcy and they are ready to flaunt their new possession!

Myths About the Side-Effects of the Surgery

Unique cases have been reported of Loss of Sensitivity, Breast-feeding Issues, etc. due to the implantation, but with the current 5th Generation Technological Development, Inert Silicone Implants are being used, which are placed behind the mammary glands and tissues.

Thus, the implant does not interfere with physiological functions of the tissues, and there is absolutely no effect on other functions of the breasts like breast-feeding, sensitivity, etc. Periodic screening examinations are recommended once a year, as a follow-up, through MRI or Ultra Sonic Screening, to check the tactile strength and functioning of the implants. Its time to bring out the beautiful you to the world and show-off firmer and fuller confidence and cups! To a Perfect You!

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