Breast Care

Breast Hair Removal Tips


Hair on the breasts or around the nipples is not an uncommon problem for women. Breasts are an important body part of a woman, so it becomes necessary to take extra care of them. One must be careful while dealing with this problem as breasts are a very sensitive part.

There are many options available to get rid of these unwanted hair. You can choose depending upon your requirement and convenience.Threading is one of the options in which a twisted thread is used to pluck out the hair. It is a safe option as there is no chemical involves and also it does not take much time. Do not try doing it yourself as cuts can be caused. Only an expert can do it properly and safely.

Another method could be plucking. In this method, an equipment called plucker or tweezer is used. Each hair is taken out with the plucker. This method is quite time consuming as each hair is removed one by one. So if you do not have much hair, then only go for it.

Many hair removing creams are also available in the market. These can be available in powder, paste or lotion form. You need to spread the cream evenly on the hair with the help of spatula. After a definite period (as mentioned on the product) remove the cream with cotton or a clean towel. Wash it thoroughly to get smooth and hairless skin. These creams have chemicals, so if you have sensitive skin, try a patch test before applying on the entire area. It is an easy way to remove hair yourself and also doesn’t take much time.

Waxing could be another option, wherein wax is applied on the hair and the taken out with a waxing strip. It is a painful method, as hair are pulled out harshly. Do not try it yourself as you might hurt or burn yourself in the process as it is an ultra sensitive area. Waxing otherwise can be helpful as it slows down the re growth of hair and ensures complete removal of hair. Do not get waxing done during your monthly menses as skin is hyper sensitive around that time.

There are permanent methods as well, like electrolysis and laser hair removal. In electrolysis a needle is inserted in the skin which through the electronic current damages the hair follicle. One can feel a slight sensation caused by the current. It results in complete removal of hair and also ensures that hair doesn’t grow again. In laser treatment the hair follicle is damaged through a laser beam. It is a painless procedure. A number of sittings are required for both the procedures. These methods are quite expensive and also critical, hence should be carried out by an expert.

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