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Breast Augmentation Massage


Stimulate growth by increasing circulation to the breasts, which is key since the phytoestrogens you are feeding your body travels through the bloodstream and through massage, you are giving your breast receptors more opportunities to pick up on the materials they need to grow.

Many plastic surgeons recommend massage therapy for the breasts after the surgery. This will help in easing the firmness of the silicone implants and softening it a little bit so that it gives a natural shape and curve to your breasts.

Massaging the breasts also help in removing the stiffness that could set in due to capsular contracture around the implants. Massaging will stretch the scar tissue and break them, making way for easy movement.

The Chi Massage

The Chi Massage is one of the easiest – and most effective – breast enhancing massage methods to date. You can do it in the shower, at work (in a bathroom stall :)), while watching TV, etc.


1. Rub your hands together to generate some heat so that they’ll be warm as you start the massage. Another option is to use a heat pack to gently warm up your breasts – increasing circulation and blood flow in the area – before you start the massage.

2. Begin to move your breasts in a circular motion in an inward direction. This means each of your breasts will be going in a full circle, starting away and upwards from each other and going towards and downwards to each other.

Displacement Technique

In displacement technique, put your palm on the centre of the breast implant. Now start rotating the implant in such a way that you exert some pressure on the outer corners of the breast, massaging the implants thoroughly in all four quadrants. The breast implants must be held in each position for a few seconds before continuing to the next position. This will ensure that the capsular contractures are not formed and the implants remain soft and supple.

Squeezing Technique

The squeezing technique involves squeezing the breast with a firm grip in the middle with your palm. Squeeze it so that it is lifted up. Lift it as high as possible and hold in this position for a few seconds. This process can be repeated many times and the implant can be moved around by holding it in a squeezing position. Remember to keep the pressure controlled. It should not hurt while you do the exercises.

Compression Technique

1. For using this technique, first sit straight or lie down straight in a comfortable position. Flatten your palm and apply pressure on each breast, flattening it inwards as you push. Press hard until you feel the pain. Stop at that point. Do this several times a day to keep the scar tissues from becoming taut and also to prevent capsular contracture from setting it. This will ensure that the silicone implants remain soft and buoyant. This technique can be done by keeping your forearm crossed against your breasts. Press hard on the breasts to keep them soft.

2. Lie on the floor, on your stomach. Now slowly raise the arms above your head and keep it stretched for a few minutes. This is another compression technique where your breasts are compressed against the floor as you raise your hands.

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