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Body Polishing At Home


Body polishing is a popular body treatment that exfoliates dead skin cells from the body and hydrates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It can be carried out with any number of materials like sugar, salt, rice bran, coffee grounds, pecan hulls, etc., mixed with aromatic essential oils and other massage oils. The exfoliation process is followed by a shower.

Ingredients For Body Scrub

You can prepare a body scrub using various ingredients available in your kitchen. You can use almond powder or oatmeal; dried orange or lemon peel powder; salt, or sugar.

You can grind the orange and lemon peels into a powder form when dried and keep them in an air-tight container. Similarly, make powder of almonds too.

Now mix all the ingredients in yogurt, milk, or essential oils. You can use olive oil, or sunflower oil. You can even use other oils like apricot kernel oil, jojoba or avocado oil. Add some essential aromatic oils like rose, lavender, neroli, Geranium, jasmine, etc.

Massage Oil

Add 5-5 drops of clove oil, lavender oil, and rose oil in 100gm of pure olive oil. Give a body massage with this massage oil. Olive oil not only provides nourishment to the body and softens it, but also maintains the normal acid alkaline balance of the skin.

Body Polishing Procedure

Body polishing starts off with the exfoliation of the skin. Mix all the ingredients mentioned above in the body scrub and apply it on your face and body. After 15-20 minutes, using your finger tips gently scrub your skin with circular motion, especially knees, elbows, and ankles and then wash with water.

Now massage your body with aromatic massage oil. Give light circular strokes on shoulders, elbows, and wrist joints.  Massage your hands and leg’s giving strokes starting from above and moving downwards. Give gentle circular massage strokes to your abdomen as well. Start massaging from the navel in outward direction. Give  massage to your backbone starting from the lower end and moving upwards. Massage other body parts in the similar fashion.

After massage, brush your skin. This will help in removing the toxins from the skin. You can use a body brush with natural bristles for brushing. Begin from your toes and move upwards. After brushing your body, finally apply a body lotion. Now you are ready to flaunt your beautiful skin.

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