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Bleaching The Right Way To Look Good

Every woman wants to look beautiful and facial bleaching helps us in achieving this by making the facial hair look less prominent. To look beautiful some women adopt the way of Laser treatment but it is costlier and painful too.

So many women have taken the easier route to skin whitening that is facial bleaching. Since hair removal can prove to be very painful and especially from the face women have taken easier and cheaper way to hide them and that is Facial Bleaching which is painless solution to get rid of facial hairs.

What Is Bleaching?

Bleaching is very common way of skin whitening by making the facial hair less noticeable by lightening their colour and hiding them and not removing them. The chemical present in bleach slowly reduce the colour intensity of our facial hairs and thus making them less prominent and give a shade better to our skin. Normally the effect of bleach lasts for two to six weeks. This depends upon the quality of bleach you are using and the kind of exposure your skin is getting to the external environment too. The main chemical present in bleach which does the wonder is Hydrogen Peroxide, which is gentler in facial bleaches and stronger in body bleaches.

Types Of Bleaches

Powder Bleach

It is not used very commonly for bleaching. It is a combination of Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide and Bleach powder and it is available in powder form that is why it is not used very often.

Cream Bleach

It is the most commonly used bleach wi8th a proper combination of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. But it is available in cream form and is very easy to use also. This is the reason women and men prefer to use it quite often.

Benefits of Bleaching

Since it is easily available at any drug store or a cosmetic store you can buy and use it anytime. The cost is also not much so it is not heavy on your pocket like other skin whitening procedures. You can easily do it at home within few minutes. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes to do complete bleaching. The biggest benefit is that it is pain free since you are not removing your facial hair, so there is no tension of ingrown hairs or getting scars or acnes due to hair removing.

Negatives of Bleaching

Since the hair is still there on your skin so you do not get the smooth effect on your face. So to get the proper hairless and smooth effect people get waxing done not bleaching. Moreover under the sun or bright light the facial hair are still visible. The skin tone gets reduced just for 3-4 days maximum. After that the hair start growing because the hair follicles are not removed during bleaching so the hair growth brings the darker shade back again at the base. Sometimes some skin are very sensitive to chemicals so might develop rashes due to bleaching. Bleaching is not good for darker skin shades as lighter hair against dark skin look more prominent.  Sometimes the hydrogen peroxide content is more thus causing excessive tingling or burning sensation on the skin and might cause blisters.

Right Way To Make Bleach Mixture

Perfect bleaching mixture is prepared by mixing four parts of bleach cream with one part of activator (or one pinch of activator). But according to your requirement that is if you want brighter complexion then increase the amount of activator. With the help of small spatula mix them properly so that both bleach cream and activator get mixed nicely.

How to choose correct bleach?

There are various kinds of bleaches available in the market. So you need to choose wisely the bleach according to your requirement. Try to go for natural bleaches available in the market which contain Aloe Vera, liquorice or kojic acid. So to get the desired result it is important to use the right bleach. Some bleach is not able to work on sun tans then you have to go for stronger bleaches to reduce the tanning effects on your skin. Natural and herbal bleaches are best for all skin types.

Right Way To Use Bleach

Patch Test

This is the most important step before using any bleach and especially for the first timers. Doing patch test before applying bleach is very necessary. In order to do patch tests take bleach mixture in very small amount and apply on your arm. If it gives you a tingling sensation after few seconds the bleach is okay for you but if it gives burning sensation then the bleach is not good for your skin. You should try bleach which is less strong.

Right way to apply bleach

Before applying bleach on your skin wash your face with cold water properly. The wipe the face dry and apply the bleach mixture with spatula or your fingers on your face. The mixture should be applied from upper portion of face to downwards. Remember to save your eyes and eyebrows from the bleach because it is very harmful for eyes. Keep the bleach on for 10-15 minutes on your face. Slight tingling sensation might be there on your face, but do not worry it is fine. After waiting remove a small part of bleach just to check whether the perfect shade which you want has arrived. If not wait for 2-3 minutes more and then remove the bleach cream with wet sponge or cotton dipped in normal cold water. Immediately moisturise your skin after bleaching.

Things To Remember While Bleaching

  • Do not bleach after getting facial done.
  • Always get your eyebrows done first and then bleaching, because there might be a cut when you get the eyebrows made and it will hurt if bleaching is done after that.
  • To remove bleach always use cotton or sponge dipped in normal water.
  • Always do a patch test when you use bleach for the first time.Do not use soap for six hours after bleaching.
  • Always use moisturiser after bleaching your skin to keep your skin hydrated.
  • If there is any scar or cut on your face which is fresh do not use bleach on your face.
  • Do not go out in the sun just after bleaching.
  • So bleaching does not only whiten your skin but also hides the freckles , brown spots or sun tans , thus proving that it is the best way to have a glowing skin.

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