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Best Workout For Men at Home


Most people have a common notion that only training at a gym will help you to add thick muscle to your frame or lose weight. However, training at home will not only help in adding muscle or losing weight, it will also help you in saving time as well as gym membership fee. If you do  not have sufficient time or want an excellent workout, try performing some bodyweight exercises.

Home Exercises For Men

Mountain Climbers and Flutter Kicks

Mountain climbers and flutter kicks are two excellent exercises for reducing belly fat and can be easily performed in the comfort of your home. For performing mountain climbers, position yourself as you would when performing push-ups, but keep yourself raised to the point where your elbows lock.

Following that, bring your legs upwards, until your knee touches your chest. Keep alternating knees and perform this exercise. Flutter kicks are an excellent exercise for the lower body that help in targeting the glutes as well as abdominal muscle. Lie down on the floor and keep your legs elevated by around 8-10 inches. To execute this exercise, kick in the air as you would if you were swimming.


Push-ups are an all-time favourite when it comes to home exercises. This exercise not only helps in adding thick muscle mass, it also helps in defining the chest muscles. It helps in targeting the chest, shoulders, triceps, forearms as well as core, as your core helps in stabilizing your body. If you are a novice at bodybuilding, this exercise may seem a mammoth task for you to accomplish initially.

In that case, you could perform this exercise by placing your knees in contact with the floor, instead of your feet. This exercise is performed by placing your palms and feet against the floor, while keeping your palms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. To execute this exercise, push yourself upwards until your elbows are on the verge of locking.

From that point, lower yourself back to the starting point until your body is about to touch the floor. The standard push-up, which is performed by keeping your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width distance, helps in targeting all the chest muscles generally.

However, if you want to concentrate on certain parts of your chest, such as upper or lower chest, adjust your hand distance accordingly. If you keep your hands wide apart, the upper and outer chest muscles are targeted, and if you keep your palms together, it will target the inner and lower chest muscles.


Burpees are an exercise that involves the chest, legs, arms and core muscles. To perform this exercise, stand up straight and then move down to the squat position with your hand touching the floor. Push your feet backwards and perform one push-up. Move back to  the squat position and jump as high as you can in the air.

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