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Best Tips for Beautiful Eyes


Do eyes speak? Well, sparkling and beautiful eyes can actually communicate a number of emotions that can’t be put across through words. Thus, beautiful eyes are every woman’s desire as they add a lot of charm to her personality.

5 Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Eyes

Take Your Beauty Sleep

The skin around your eyes is much more delicate than that on other parts of your body and face. Thus, it tends to get dark and puffy if you don’t get enough rest. So if you care for your eye skin, make sure to sleep for at least eight hours. If you notice puffiness or swelling around the lower lid of your eyes, keep your head slightly elevated while sleeping to reduce the  accumulation of fluids in that area.

Maintain the Moisture

The tender skin around your eyes needs adequate moisturizing throughout the year. Hence, you must always apply a good under eye cream or a gel to help the eye skin remain healthy. Use your ring finger to apply the under eye cream but take care not to put too much pressure and always avoid rubbing your eyes.

Remove Makeup Properly

It is very important to remove the eye makeup when you are back from work or before going to the bed. So no matter how tired you are, remove your eye liner, mascara, shadow and other eye makeup with an eye-makeup remover. However if you don’t want to use a chemical solution, you can go for a natural makeup remover like plain milk, rosewater or fresh Aloe gel.

Let Your Eyes Relax

Just like other parts of your body, your eyes also need rest after a hectic day at work. You can soothe your tired eyes with a nice eye cooling gel or apply cotton pads dipped in milk. You may also place a slice of cucumber or potato over the eyes and lie down for 15-20 minutes.

Protect Your Eyes

There are a lot of things that you need to avoid such as wearing lenses for long or using old mascara. You also need to guard the delicate under eye skin against the harsh UV rays by wearing sunglasses while going out. Be sure about discarding all the eye makeup products after the expiry period to avoid eye infections and allergies.

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