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Best Natural Way To Treat Body Odour

Body Odour

Body odour can be a menace because you are left with this fear that you might be stinking all the time. However, it has been seen that using chemicals or deodorants and perfumes does not really offer a long term solution for body odour. It may actually provide temporary relief, but it sure doesn’t work in the long run. So here are some natural remedies that treats and prevents body odour in the long run.

Effective Natural Way To Treat Body Odour

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has natural deodorant properties that helps in combating the problem of body odour. Basically you just have to rub this oil on your arm pits before bathing and let it stay for about 15-20 minutes. Wash off. You can also leave the oil on as it is not sticky.

Baking Soda

Rub some baking soda on the underarm area along with some water. Let the paste stay till dry. This helps in killing germs that cause smelly body issues. You can also add some lime or essential oil to the mixture.

Drinking Water

It has been seen that people who consume at least 10-12 glasses of water a day suffer less from body odour issues. This happens because the toxins are flushed out from the body more easily and sweat is not as smelly.

Cornflour or Starch

Cornstarch or cornflour is a quick solution for dealing with sweaty armpits. Basically it has natural sweat absorbing properties that works as a talc. For a more fragrant feeling mix some cornstarch or flour with some sandalwood powder. Then apply on the underarm area and let it stay like with normal talc.

Witch Hazel

Applying witch hazel oil or even its extract in bathing water is a great remedy to kill bacteria causing germs that lead to smelly issues. A few drops of the oil in your bathing water usually does the trick.

Tea Tree Oil

Use diluted tea tree oil to wash and clean the underarm areas daily. You can also add the oil to your water as it kills bacteria that causes sweat along with giving a fragrant feeling.

Rose Petals Or Rose Water

Rose petals are high on fragrance along with rose water. It overcomes the body odour problem with its strong smell. Bathe in water sprinkled with rose water or petals. Soak yourself in the same for at least 20 minutes. You can also apply rose water on underarms to avoid smelly issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Adding about a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath water helps to reduce smelly feet issues. You can also wipe your underarms with some diluted apple cider vinegar. Don’t rinse off.

Lemon or Lime

Use squeezed lemon or lime wedges and rub it all over your underarm area. Let it stay for about 20 minutes and then wash off. You can also add lemon zest or lemon juice to bathing water to make it more fragrant and kill bacteria.

Fig Scrub

Use a scrub made of natural figs, which are high on nutrients and prevents bacteria too. Scrub the area well with some figs and let it stay for a few minutes before washing off. Not only is the region exfoliated but smelly problems are also tackled.

Glycerin With Aromatics

Glycerin mixed with some aromatic oil like tea tree, orange or menthol works as a homemade deodorant. Take a few drops of your favourite oil with about 1/2 cup of glycerin. Store in a jar and use as needed.

Lavender Flowers

Use dried lavender flowers in your bath along with water in which you soak clothes. The fragrance of the flowers helps to overcome smelly problems. Using lavender oil in your washing machine helps to make clothes more fragrant too.

Gram Flour And Curd

Make a paste using gram flour and curd. Then apply it on the underarms and let it stay till dry. Then massage well and rinse off using warm water. The curd fights bacteria while the gram flour cleanses the area naturally.

Honey And Sugar Scrub

Mix some brown sugar with honey and lime juice. Now scrub all over the underarm region to get rid of dead skin cells. Scrubbing the area prevents bacterial accumulation and cures problem of smelly body.

Betel Leaves With Indian Gooseberries

Combine the juice of Indian gooseberries with some betel leave paste. Apply this mixture on the underarm area and let it stay. The duo works in harmony to kill bacteria and ensure that you avoid body odour issues naturally. You can keep this mixture in the refrigerator for a week and use as needed.

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