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Best Muscle Building Shakes


Body and muscle building is one of the common traits prevalent in youth these days. Some people strive to lose weight to look slim and sexy, wherein the main focus of guys is to build strong and healthy muscles and give a tough look. By doing intense workouts at gyms, you can build your muscles in no time. Not just exercise, but many dietary habits also contribute in enhancing your body muscles. One of the common supplements usually taken by body builders are muscle building shakes.

Best Muscle Building Shakes


Mocha is a strong drink which is made up of coffee beans. It’s easy and quick homemade drink. Consumption of Mocha enhances the blood flow and strengthens the bone structure of our body. Additionally, it helps to reduce the soreness of muscles and gives better productivity at the time of workouts.  All you need is a cup of hot coffee, and add one scoop of chocolate whey protein to it. To enhance the taste, you can flavor the drink with a teaspoon of honey. Start your workout by taking this drink and see the difference!

Root Beer Float

Root Beer is a sweet drink which is available in the form of alcohol or a soft drink. To use it for muscle building, it’s blended with multiple proteins i.e. vanilla whey protein, vanilla casein protein and fat free vanilla yoghurt.

It is the best choice for those who wish to grow strong and develop lean muscles. Along with stimulating the muscle stamina, consuming this drink leads to fat loss as well. Most body builders prefer to consume it after their workout to remain energetic and vibrant throughout.

Hot Cocoa

It’s a drink made up of cocoa, water and is blended with the melted chocolate. Since it’s served hot and based on its ingredients, people term it as Hot Chocolate as well. Though it isn’t as sweet as the Hot Chocolate. Consumption of this drink plays a vital role in increasing energy level, blood flow within the muscles and lead to their strengthening. The drink is enriched with protein content which protects the wear and tear of muscles. You can consume it either prior to the workout or while going to bed.

Chocolate Almond Brownie

Almonds and chocolates are constituted of various healthy nutrients which give better results for your body. While selecting the chocolate, opt for the dark chocolates since they contain less fats and calorie content.

Indeed, these are good source of fiber, proteins and potassium. Protein is vital for the growth of muscles, cells and skin. You can blend these with milk to prepare a shake, and intake it prior to your workout session. This will elevate the energy within you, and help you to carry out an intense workout.

Peach Cobbler

It’s a simple and healthy drink which enhances the energy level and recovery of muscles. You can consume it in a form of snack as well. It’s advisable to take this drink prior to starting your regular workout. Peaches contain nutritional vitamins and rich content of proteins.

Peach if taken as a fruit can cure constipation, bad digestion, high blood pressure and many other problems. Being sweet in nature, peach can be eaten as such or blended with vanilla whey protein for making the shake and avail the healthy benefits.

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