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Best Home Remedies For Asthma


Asthma is a problem of lungs, in which an individual is not able to breathe in a proper way. The airways get blocked due to an asthmatic attack, which disrupts the breathing process. Normally inhalers are prescribed to treat an asthma attack. However, the chemicals present in the inhalers can have some side effects.

Therefore, it is advised to follow natural cures for asthma. Natural asthma treatments are very safe and provide successful results, if followed dedicatedly. In this article, we shall throw light on a few effective natural cures for asthma.

Natural Cures For Asthma

The below discussed natural remedies would be of tremendous help in treating asthma.

Honey And Cinnamon

A mixture of honey and cinnamon in 2:1 ratio, when consumed twice in a day, would be of colossal aid in providing relief from asthma.

Breathing process would be improved and inflammation in the airways would be reduced with the help of this natural honey treatment.


People with inflamed airways should drink a concoction made of thyme and honey at least twice in a day.

In extreme severe cases, the concoction can be consumed around 8-10 times daily.

Gourd Root

The paste of gourd plant’s root when consumed along with honey would help to get rid of asthma successfully.

Water And Honey

Just consuming a mix of honey and water everyday would help in easing symptoms of asthma. Honey should be stirred in lukewarm water for best results.

Onion Juice

Consumption of a mix of honey, onion juice, drumstick leaves’ juice, and asafetida on regular basis would certainly be of huge help with respect to asthma treatment.

Fenugreek Seeds

Overnight soaked fenugreek seeds, when combined with honey and ginger juice, would help to get rid of asthma naturally and effectively.

Sunflower Seeds

Consuming a mixture of powdered sunflower seeds and honey twice in a day would help in treating asthma successfully.

Garlic And Honey

A mixture of honey, crushed garlic, horseradish, and butter should be heated and consumed before meals to deal with the problem of asthma. The prepared mixture should be stored in airtight bottle for future use.

The above given asthma treatment options are really very helpful in providing great level of respite from an asthmatic attack. The vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids present in the aforementioned natural products would aid in dealing with asthma problem in a successful and amazing way.

Apart from following the natural cures as mentioned above, it is vital for the asthma patient to stay away from allergens, smoke (both direct smoke and second hand smoke), pollution, and dust as far as possible, as these are the major triggers of an asthma attack.

If, in case, an individual does not attain relief with the help of aforementioned tips, then only medical option should be considered. Medical treatments for asthma may consist of antihistamines and pills, which are required to be taken throughout the life, in most of the cases, so as to keep asthma under control, and facilitate the breathing process.

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