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Best Home Remedies For Ant Bite

Best Home Remedies For Ant Bite

Ant bites is not a killer health issue, at least for those who do not have an allergy to insect bites, such as wasp and bee sting. Ant bites could be actually very distressing and it can lead to something even more hateful than the single painful feeling,

Ant bite is a common problem faced by most of the people. Ant bite leaves a red mark on your skin area. Many a times, ant bite also causes soreness in that particular area. Though, ant bite is a temporary condition in nature. There can be some bites which may last for some days.

There is a difference in ant bite for red and black ants. Many ant bites can also cause inflammation in that particular area. So, you can keep some basic tips in mind to cure your ant bite. There are many natural tips which can help you get rid of ant bite in a positive manner.

Home Treatment of Ant Bites

Application of Ice

Application of ice in the affected area is very useful for condition of ant bite. You can apply ice for ten minutes in the affected area. It helps to reduce the swelling caused by condition of ant bite. Ice also helps to reduce the pain caused by the condition of ant bite.

Using Alcohol

Another out of the most efficient home remedies for ant bites swelling that people should not look down is making use of alcohol. Using alcohol or any type of products or beverages containing high content of alcohol to rub onto the affected skin area could be used on insect bites, such as ant bites, to suppress the activity of histamine as well as preventing swelling.

Alcohol can also help to prevent the pain and itching due to the astringent effect it contains. Dab some mouthwash, alcohol, or vodka and let it stay for a while. Apply fresh coats every now and then until the swelling and itching completely subsides.

Apply Cloths

You can also opt for cloth in curing your ant bite. You can use a cloth and place it in deep freeze. Now, apply this cloth in your affected area of ant bite. It positively helps to reduce the condition of your ant bite. This is the first out of the most effective home remedies for ant bites swelling and itching that I want to introduce in this full writing.

Baking soda

Baking soda can help to restore the pH balance of human skin and prevent any type of skin infection and itching that might be caused by the ant bites. To make use of this method, you just need to prepare some baking soda and add water to form a thick paste. Use the paste to rub onto your affected skin areas directly and then apply a thin coat of that paste onto your skin as well.


Vinegar is antibacterial in nature and helps in preventing any bacterial action on the skin surface if it has peeled due to scratching with your nails. Apply vinegar instantly and this will also help incontrolling the itching and also in preventing you from scratching the area.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be diluted and applied on the areas of ant bites if you have severe itching and swelling. This will take care of the distress and prevent you from scratching the area as well. Tea tree oil in natural form is good for your condition of ant bite. Try to apply this on the affected area of pain. You can also mix this along with rose water for external form of application.

Onion Juice

You can also use natural onion juice to cure your condition of ant bite. It provides instant relief from the condition of pain. Onion juice can also be taken along with warm water for instant relief from pain caused by ant bite.

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