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Best Herbal Remedies For Water Retention


The medical name of water retention is edema and the condition is characterized by swelling up of the tissues due to collection of fluid in them. More women than men experience water retention due to pregnancy and hormonal changes in the body during menstrual cycle.

The hormonal imbalance in the body causes the body to hold on to extra water in places such as the breasts, lower abdomen, fingers of hands and feet and in the ankle. The places that hold on to water become swollen and are tender to touch. Edema is not a serious condition except for in pregnancy and can be treated using herbs. However, the herbal treatment should not be used if the water retention is due to pregnancy hormones.

Effective Herbal Remedies For Water Retention

Rose Hip

Rose hip is another popular herb used in the treatment of water retention because of its diuretic effect. The herb contains bioflavanoids that help treat edema, bacterial infection, bladder problems and diarrhea. The herb is a rich source of vitamin C and is often used as supplement for correcting the particular deficiency. Drink rose hip tea or take supplements of the herb to get rid of water retention. The essential oil of rose hip is meant only for topical application and not consumption.


Parsley is often used for garnishing dishes because of its fresh and clean taste and aroma. The herb is also a mild diuretic and can be used for treating swelling of hands, feet and ankles. It acts as a kidney tonic and encourages the organs to increase the outflow of urine.You can eat the parsley as is or consume it in tea form. Drink 3-4 cups of the herbal tea to get rid of the water retention. The herbal treatment is not meant for pregnant women as parsley is used for inducing herbal abortion.


Juniper is a commonly found herb in certain parts of North America, Asia and Europe. The berry fruit of the herb has medicinal properties and the volatile oil of the juniper berries is known for its diuretic effect that is useful in treatment of water retention.The volatile oil of juniper contains tannins, flavonoids, resins and terpenes that encourage the kidney to filter out the unwanted water. Drink 2-3 cups of juniper tea to get rid of the bloating caused by water retention.


Horsetail is also a natural diuretic and gets rid of the extra fluids that the body is holding on to because of hormonal imbalance.It helps the body maintain a regular balance of hormones thereby stimulating the kidneys to get rid of the extra accumulated water. Take 300 mg of horsetail pills three times during the day to treat water retention. The herb is not meant for use by pregnant women.

Burdock Root

Burdock root is a well known Chinese medication that is used as a diuretic as well as a tonic for cleansing of blood. Herbal tea prepared using the dried roots of burdock are used for treating water retention in the body as the herb stimulates the kidneys and encourages it to increase flow of urine from the body. Fresh burdock root can also be used for preparing herbal tea but use very less quantity of the fresh herb.

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