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17 Best Fitness Jogging Tips for Better Health


Do you want to be fit and healthy? Yes ofcource, everyone wants to be fit and looks young. In this article we are explaining 17 best fitness jogging tips for better health. Jogging is one of the best and simple ways to keep you fit and healthy. Slow running decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, depression, and anxiety etc. Jogging is helpful to increases your stamina and productivity. So why are you waiting for, just start jogging from today and be fit and young forever.

Some time many people do the jogging wrongly that can be dangerous for your knee. Keep reading below and follow the best selected jogging tips in this article and be safe.

Top Jogging Tips You Must Follow


1) Warm-up

Warm-up is very important and must do before starting of any exercise. You must need to prepare your muscle to do any exercise and for that warm up is the best way to do. If you start exercise after warm up then you will become safe from muscle cramps. So always remember to do the warm up first then any other exercise to be safe and beneficial jogging.

2) Set a Goal

Set a goal is very important for any work. You must need to set your goal first. You can set it as a daily or weekly. For being fit or doing regular jogging or exercise, you need to be strict with yourself. So pick one paper and pen to write your daily goal that can be jogging of 2 Km daily at least. This kind of goal will help you to motivate and helps to find your aim.

3) Wear Running Shoes

Running shoes which is also the very important thing that you must need to be aware. You need to wear right shoes always for jogging. Right shoes protect the feet and bones from any impact of thrust during jogging. At the jogging time you need to wear the comfortable running shoes.

4) Loosen Up

For doing jogging for long duration and comfortably, you need to practice for loosen up your body. By doing this the tension from shoulders, neck, arms, legs, and feet is released and you can prevent your muscles from cramp.

5) Push Chest Out

When you are jogging, no matter its on treadmill, park or any other place then your chest should be out and shoulders rolled back. This process can help to prevent the spinal injuries whiles jogging.

6) Start Slowly

Always start slowly while start jogging. After few seconds Increase you’re walking speed. After 1-2 minutes start jogging at a slow speed. This is the important technique that helps preventing you’re from quick burning.

7) Land Softly

During jogging always land your feet softly dissipate the shock. It can help to prevent your knee from shock. If your knee will be fit and healthy then you can do the jogging for long time and keep yourself fit and young.

8) Jog in Different Directions

Jogging in different direction or you can say in zigzag motion is helpful to train your leg muscles healthy and cramp free. You should always try to jog in different direction means change the direction frequently during jogging.

9) Talk to Yourself

Talk with you is the best practice to improve your willpower and perseverance. This is the best way to make your willpower strong during jogging. You can make the practice to count the steps that how much you do the job. Set the target daily and start talking with you and counting the steps. This will help you to motivate and push you to do more.

10) Allot Time to Your Steps

Allotting the time to your steps is the great way to improve the jogging. Allocate the 30 steps target before taking rest the simultaneously increase the numbers till you feel comfortable. So start doing this way and improve your jogging experience.

11) Practice Box Jumps

Box jumps are the good practice for improving strength condition and muscle power. Box jumps is helpful to train your leg muscles during jogging on trails. Box jumps is important to strengthen thighs and gluts that is helpful to improve you’re jogging.

12) Train Downhill

Practice jogging downhill is very important because it is difficult to running downhill’s rather than uphill. This practice will be helpful to build your muscle control and improve the jogging technique.

13) Plank

Planks are very important factor to build the strength. Good strength is required for jogging. You cannot do the jogging without good core strength. You should start doing 3 sets of 60 seconds hold elbow planks.

14) Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is very helpful and beneficial for keep you fit and healthy. Lack of water is worn out your muscles. You must drink the at least 3-4 liters of water daily. Keep yourself hydrated always while doing jogging.

15) Beat Yourself

You must have the competitor of yourself. You always should be competing with your own goal set. For example set the target for 1 KN today then next day play the completion with you and set the target of 1.5km. With this way you can reach the goal which you want to achieve.

16) Stretching

Stretch is the next step which needs to do after your run. Stretching after a run is important same as the warming needed before jogging. By stretching your muscles recover quickly and protect from any muscle injury. So remember to do the stretch hamstrings, calves, shoulders, arms, neck, and back after your jogging.

17) Proper Sleeping

After any hard work, jogging or exercise, rest or proper sleep is very important. Good sleep can be very helpful to rejuvenate and recover the muscles. It also beneficial to make your muscle stronger. You must be sleep 6 to 8 hours daily.

In this article you have about 17 best fitness jogging tips for better health. You need to follow all these steps if you want to do the smooth and beneficial jogging. Please share this post to your friends so that they can also aware about these jogging tips for fit themselves.

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