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Best Exercises For Burning Fat


Men always want to look perfect just like women but they will not show it as visibly and desperately like the conscious women. Probably that is the reason why everybody thinks that men do not care about their appearance. Of course they do! Fitness is something men are really conscious about. If they have a protruding tummy or huge buttocks, they might work extra hard to get rid of it. But what exercises are best for men that burn excessive fat?

Burning fat is not an easy task, you need to work really hard to achieve the goals. Men are supposed to be really active but at the same time everybody has different fitness levels. It depends on person to person – some men can run for 40 minutes and some cannot last for even 5 minutes. How to burn fat to burn the stubborn and irritating fat? Here are some effective exercises that burn fat for men. Try them out as they might just help you to shed weight and look good.

How to Burn Fat with Exercises

Goblet Squat

This is arguably the best way to squat, period. Front-loading the weight allows you to keep your trunk more upright. This takes stress off your spine and works your thighs more.

Goblet squats are also safer to perform and more accessible than barbell squats, especially for higher-rep fat-loss training.

All you need is a dumbbell (easier) or a kettlebell (harder). Just stand and sit tall and repeat. These are great for high reps and really tax your shoulders and core.

One of my favorite ways to redline with this move is to do 10 reps per minute for 10 minutes straight while holding a weight that is at least half of your total body weight.

The Elliptical Machine

The Elliptical Machine, which is also known as a cross trainer is an excellent machine to burn fat. Spending an hour on this fat burning machine can fetch you results in less than a month. When you are exercising on this machine, your entire body is getting a workout which helps in burning fat.

You can burn about 150 calories in just 10 minutes so if you do it for an hour, you can expect fabulous results. The Elliptical Machine works your lower and upper body effectively. It sure is a must-try as it does not put stress on your knees and gives fast results.

Cycling or Spinning to Burn Fat

Cycling is a great exercise which can be done out on the road. The best part about this is that you can never get bored of cycling. You can choose the road you want to take and go for a little cycle ride till your favorite park or your friend’s place. Mornings are best for cycling as you get fresh air too.

You might have heard about spinning classes which can help you burn 800 calories in an hour. It is said that you need to burn 3500 calories by working out to lose 2 pounds in a week which means that you need to burn 500 calories in a day to burn 2 pounds in a week. Join a spinning class and see the results yourself. You will definitely burn fat because there is intensity and variety in it. The intensity of spinning changes as the music’s tempo changes. Also, you will have an instructor to guide you right and help you burn excessive fat.

High Intensity Interval Training

If you want to burn fat, then high intensity interval training is the best exercise you can do. This is basically done on a treadmill and all you need to do is change the pace from time to time. Suppose you get on a treadmill – you start with 3 minutes of walking then sprint at a comfortable pace for a minute. Do this for about 20 minutes and you will see the change in your body weight and parts in few days.

This is a cardio activity which gets your heart rate high and helps you burn excess fat in your body. Cardio should be done thrice or four times a week. If you want faster results, you should devote 20 minutes in a day to High Intensity Interval Training.

So, burn away the excessive fat by following these simple yet fun exercises. Make sure you eat right too as exercising without a proper diet will make you bulkier. Eat right and exercise regularly to lead a healthy life.

Get a Jumping Rope

Getting a jumping rope and jumping hundreds of times every day can really help you burn fat. This exercise is easy to do and will save you from spending lots of money on a gym membership. However, it is always good to take a membership for muscle building. Jumping rope works as good as power walking and can help you burn fat effectively. It is an intense exercise and will get you sweating in no time.

Also, there are various things you can do with a jump rope like jumping on your one foot, basic jump, walking with the jumping rope, speed jumping and much more. You will see difference in your body and the weighing scale after a week itself. Jumping rope is considered to be a cardio activity so it will definitely fetch you results in no time.

Box Squat Jump

Plyometric exercises are great for stimulating your larger fast-twitch muscles fibers and torching fat, but the impact can take its toll over time, especially if you’re overweight.

Enter box squat jumps. Sitting down between reps cleans up your landing mechanics and is much easier on your knees. You can also adjust the height of the box based on your mobility and fitness level.

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