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Best Diet Treatments For Breast Cancer


Every year a rise in number of women is seen, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer which is really dangerous for them. The intake of overloaded dietary fat accumulates in the breast which includes oils and saturated fats in processed meats, extreme junk food and cheese.

These dietary fats will permit the cancer cells to multiply inside the breast at greater rate thus elevating the estrogen level, which further enhances the growth of cancerous tumor and also makes space for the carcinogenic cells to exist in surrounding tissues.But the breast cancer can be cured by the right kind of dietary treatments.They won’t require going for conventional medical treatment.

Doctors recommend to have a nutritious balanced diet every day. The other saturated fats (whole-fat dairy products, coconut and palm oils), trans fats (pastries, cookies, margarine, crackers) and many processed foods should also be shunned completely. Let’s discuss about the 6 diet treatments of breast cancer that will help you immensely to get over it.

Best Valuable Diet Treatments For Breast Cancer

Green And Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Breast cancer can be lowered with the consumption of green and dark green vegetables in proper amount. Green vegetables have high amount of vitamin C, calcium and phytochemical. You need to make sure that the cancer-fighting nutrients should be present, and for that you should cook lightly or ingest raw vegetables.

There’s no need to cook for a longer time. Few important cruciferous vegetables should be eaten such as cabbage, broccoli, turnip and Brussels sprouts. Salad greens and spinach rich in vitamin A and folate help in decreasing your breast cancer. Dark green vegetables like collards, kale and Swiss chard with higher vitamin A, C and K, fiber etc has the potential to ward off the cancerous cells from your breasts. So it is very necessary to add green veggies in your diet.

Red Fruits And Vegetables

Certain fruits and vegetables are rich in lycopene which is known to be strongest antioxidants. As the antioxidants available are at higher level, the lycopene is reflected as superb dietary supplement.The cells that are at risk of spreading breast cancer are repaired swiftly with the help of antioxidants. Fruits which have lycopene include red grapefruit, pink guava, watermelon and persimmon, and vegetables comprise of tomatoes, red cabbage, asparagus and papaya. These foods will certainly decrease your breast cancer.

 Fatty Fish

You should eat fatty fish so that the omega-3 fatty acid level in your body will be increased, and which also prevents the protein named kinase C beta II to incline towards cancer.Salmon will fill your body with omega-3, vitamin B12 and D that will control the cell development and stop cancer, and hence it should be ingested 2-3 times per week.

You can steam the fish, bake it and then grill or saute it. You can also eat uncooked fish- sushi as heating them will deflect its nutrients. You can also have whitefish, sardines and tuna in grilled form in small amount.

Ice or Hot Tea

Black tea and green tea which consists of lots of antioxidants can help in fighting off your breast cancer problem.The spread of insistent cancer cells will be lowered or prevented by the antioxidants. You are suggested to have 4 to 6 cups of tea per day daily as they are healthy to drink too.


Eating beans are useful as they contain phytochemical and fiber that are significant in battling with the breast cancer.These nutrients will persuade your intestinal tract so that it will wash out the carcinogenic toxins from the body system at an elevated level. You can add the beans to salads, tacos and healthy pizzas, or ingest a bowl of boiled beans.


Garlic and its comparatives, onions, scallions, leeks and chives consist of cancer fighting compound known as allium in higher quantities which helps in slowing the tumor expansion and also stops the risk of breast cancer.You can mash and gulp a small piece of garlic in the morning daily to stay away from cancer.

You can even add garlic and onion in cooking dishes. You can also drink tea added with garlic in it.Hence you can now apply the above diet treatments and avert your breast cancer quickly.

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