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20 Best Benefits of Spinach (Palak) for Health, Hair and Skin


What are the benefits of spinach? In this article we will explain about 20 best benefits of spinach for health, hair and skin. Spinach is popular as Palak in India, Spinach has the little bitter taste but it contains antioxidant, and anti-cancer properties. It is easily available all the time. Spinach has also several nutritional properties that are helpful to treat many of your health, skin and hair problems. Keep reading to know more in detail about benefits of spinach.

Green leafy vegetable, spinach is one of the most healthiest and effective vegetable. Iron, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional ingredients present in the spinach are very beneficial for your health, hair and skin.

Types of Spinach

There are three types of spinach is generally categorized, One is the Savoy type with dark green crinkle leaves, semi-savory and flat leaf type with smooth surfaced leaves.

1) Savoy Spinach – You can rectify the savory leaf by its dark green wrinkly and curly leaves. Savory also contains many verities like Bloomsdale, Merlo Nero and Viroflay.

2- Flat or Smooth-leaf Spinach – Flat spinach contains broad, smooth leaves which are e easy to be clean.

3- Semi-savoy Spinach –  Semi Savory spinach is hybrid variety of spinach with crinkled leaves. It is most likely to savory spinach.

Health Benefits of Spinach

1) Spinach for Weight Loss

Spinach for Weight Loss

Spinach leaves are most beneficial for weight loss. Spinach has the very low fat and calories. Spinach contains good amount of fiber which is helpful to cure the digestion, constipation, low blood sugar and overeating. Include the spinach in your diet and it will help you to reduce the weight quickly. It also avoids the repetitive eating due to hunger controlling property.

2) Spinach for Relaxing the Body

Spinach can be also beneficial to provide relaxation for your body. Use of spinach helps to reduce the stress level and muscles ache. Zinc and magnesium present in the spinach helps to provide better sleep in night. Magnesium is beneficial to replenishing your lost energy very quickly. Good sleep is the best method to relax your body as well as eyes. So start eating spinach regularly in your diet.

3) Spinach for Eye Health

Another benefit of spinach is to promote the eye health. Spinach contains the antioxidants lute in and zeaxanthin which are very effective for your eye. It protects eyes from cataracts and age related macular degeneration. Spinach has vitamin A which is beneficial for healthy mucus membranes and maintains the proper eyesight.

4) Spinach for Healthy Bones

Spinach for Healthy Bones

Spinach is also beneficial for your bones. It contains vitamin K that is helpful for bone health. Vitamin K is helpful to promote the osteocalcin synthesis. Spinach has also several proteins that are effective to maintain the bone’s strength and density. Spinach contains one more very important thing i.e. calcium. Calcium present in rich amount in spinach which prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis. Regular use of spinach can be helpful to maintain the muscle tissue and strength.

5) Spinach for Lowers Hypertension

Include spinach in your diet and forget about your hypertension or high blood pressure problem. Hypertension can be the main reason for heart problem, kidney disease, and heart stroke. Regular consumption of spinach helps to reduce the hypertension, stress and anxiety. Vitamin C present in the spinach is beneficial to lower the blood pressure level effectively.

6) Spinach for Reducing Risk of Cancer

Spinach is also very helpful to control the cancer risk. Spinach contains flavonoids that has the anti-cancer properties. Regular intake of spinach can be effective to reduce the cell division and skin cancer cells. Spinach has a great beneficial property to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

7) Spinach for Gastrointestinal Health

Spinach for Gastrointestinal Health

Spinach is well known ingredient to promote gastrointestinal health. Spinach contains beta-carotene and vitamin C helps protecting the cells of the body’s colon from the harmful free radicals. Consume the spinach as much as you can and promotes your gastrointestinal health.

8) Spinach for Brain Health

Spinach is also important ingredient for your brain health. Spinach is used from long time to improve the brain function. Regular consumption of spinach is beneficial to increase your thinking ability and make your brain young. It helps you to become more intelligent. Spinach contains foliate, vitamin K and vitamin C; all these are helpful in modulating the hormone production of nervous system. You can say that spinach is the proven and well known vegetable to improve your brain health.

9) Spinach for Preventing Heart Attack

Excessive fat is one of the main reasons for heart attack. Spinach contains Lute in content that helps preventing thickening of the arteries walls, which can be reduce the heart attack risk. Regular consumption of spinach is helpful to reduce the various other heart diseases.

10) Spinach for Lowers Blood Pressure

Spinach for Lowers Blood Pressure

Another good benefit of spinach is to lower the blood pressure level. Spinach contains peptides helps to lowering the blood pressure. Consume the spinach in your diet regularly and be healthy by heart.

11) Spinach for Anemia

Another effective benefit of spinach is to prevent anemia. Spinach contains rich amount of iron which is important ingredient for prevention of anemia. Iron present in this also provides the good energy so start consuming spinach regularly.

12) Spinach Use as Anti-inflammatory Agent

Spinach can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has Neoxanthin and violaxanthin, which helps to reduce the inflammation effectively. Spinach is very beneficial to cure inflammatory diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, migraine headaches and asthma. So start including spinach in your regular diet.

13) Spinach for Boosts Immunity

Good immune system is the very much helpful to control the several infections and diseases. Spinach contains Vitamin A which is helpful to boost the immune system naturally. Regular consumption of spinach is beneficial to cure mucous membranes, respiratory, urinary and intestinal tracts and other infections. Start using this natural effective remedy for improving immune system.

Benefits of Spinach for Hair

14) Spinach for Hair Loss and Hair Fall

Spinach for Hair Loss and Hair Fall

How to control the hair loss and hair fall? Spinach is good and effective option to control the hair loss and hair fall. The main reason of hair loss is deficiency of iron and spinach contains good amount of iron which helps to control the hair loss. Consume the spinach as much as you can and control the hair loss.

15) Spinach for Hair Growth

Spinach is a super food which helps to promote your hair growth. Spinach contains vitamins B, C and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. All these important ingredients help to promote the hair growth. Use the spinach in your regular diet for getting long hair.

Benefits of Spinach for Skin

16) Spinach for Improving Complexion

Everyone wants the fair complexion. How can you improve the complexion? Spinach is again helping you to get the complex fair. Spinach is rich in vitamin K and foliate, which are beneficial to give you a clear complexion. Spinach can also beneficial to clear acne, wrinkles and dark circles.

17) Spinach Protect Skin from Sun

Spinach Protect Skin from Sun

One of the best skin benefits of Spinach is to protect the skin from sun. Spinach is rich in vitamin B that helps for protecting skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of sun. Harmful UV rays can be the main reason of skin cancer and pre-mature ageing so consumption of spinach helps to avoid these problems. Apply the paste of spinach on the skin can also be helpful to protect your skin.

18) Spinach for Reducing Ageing Effect

Spinach contains antioxidants properties that helps to kill the free radicals of skin. Free radicals are main reason of damage skin cells and show the premature aging sign and symptoms. Consuming spinach regularly helps maintaining the youth of skin and reduces the ageing sign and you look young for long time.

19) Spinach for Acne

Spinach is good and helpful ingredient to treat the acne naturally. Spinach contains several natural properties which is effective for treating acne in no time. You can prepare the homemade DIY face mask with spinach for get rid of acne. Take the spinach and blend with water to prepare the face pack. Then apply on your affected skin for half an hour, Wash off with normal water. This face mask helps to clear the entire dust particle, oils etc from your face which is helpful to treat the acne. Another good option to consume the spinach i.e. to prepare the spinach juice and drink regularly. It also helpful to prevent your skin from acne.

20) Spinach for Skin Repair

Spinach for Skin Repair

Spinach is one of the best natural ingredient which is uses for overall skin repair. As you already know that spinach contains vitamin A and vitamin C which are beneficial to increase the skin tones and improve skin cell growth. Antioxidant property is helpful to improve the complexion and clear acne etc.

In this post you have read about 20 best benefits of spinach (palak) for health, hair and skin. Please start using this effective natural ingredient and get the benefits of this. Also please share this post to your friends so that they can also take the advantages of the benefits of spinach.

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