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26 Best Benefits of Guava (Amrood) for Skin, Hair, and Health


What are the benefits of guava? We are listing 26 best benefits of guava (Amrood) for skin, hair, and health. Guavas are also called Amrood in Hindi. Guavas are easily available fruit and super food containing many natural components which are beneficial for health, hair and skin. Keep reading to know more about this healthy fruit’s benefits.

Guava has many medicinal properties, sugars, vitamins and minerals etc. Vitamin C, carotene and antioxidants properties present in the guava are very helpful for skin care. You should consume guava or guava juice.

Health Benefits of Guava

1) Guava for Eye Health


Guava is also beneficial for eye health. It contains Vitamin A which is the important factor of good eyesight. Regular consumption of guava helps to full fill the requirement of retinol that improves your eye sight.

2) Guava contains Vitamin C

Guava is rich in Vitamin C which helps to protect skin cells and reduce the cancerous damage of skin. Vitamin C present in guava is very beneficial for your your skin glow, removing scars, wrinkle etc. So start consuming guava on regular basis.

3) Guava for Diabetes Treatment and Digestive System

Guava contains fibers which are helpful to treat the diabetes and control the blood sugar levels. Consumption of guava helps to cleansing the digestive system and improves the bowel movement. Good digestion is important to be healthy. You should eat guava daily or drink the guava juice.

4) Guava for Relax Muscles

Guava is proven super food to provide the muscle relaxation. Guava is rich in magnesium which works as natural nervous relaxant. When you need to be relaxed your muscles after work then eat the guava or drink the guava juice. This will act as a good energy booster.

5) Guava for Thyroid Gland

Guava for Thyroid Gland

Guava is the beneficial fruit to maintain the function of thyroid gland. Thyroid gland can be the reason of many health problems. Guava contains trace element copper that which is very good in maintaining good functioning of the thyroid gland.

5) Guava for Maintain Blood Pressure Levels

Guava is great fruit for maintain blood pressure levels. Guava contains potassium which is helpful to normalize blood pressure levels. If you are suffering with blood pressure problem then guava is beneficial for you.

6) Guava is rich in Manganese Richness

Guava is rich in manganese that helps your body to full fill the nutritional requirement. Regular consumption of guava will fill the requirement of biotin, vitamins, etc. So what are you waiting for? Start eating the guava daily.

9) Guava for Constipation

Guava contains fibers which is very helpful to treat the constipation problem. Fibers are also important to reduce the weight. Consumption of guava is beneficial for improving the digestion and treats the constipation problem.

8) Guava for for Weight Loss

Guava for for Weight Loss

Guava is important food which can be helpful to reduce the weight effectively. Sugar is the main reasons which can be stop the losing weight. Guava is beneficial to slow down the sugar absorption in the blood. Start eating the guava and drink the juice of guava and reduce the weight to be look slim and fit.

10) Guava for Cleanses the Body

Guava fruit is one of the best super foods to cleanse the body. Guava contains fibers that work as a good natural cleanser. Consumption of guava is beneficial for flushing out the toxins from body. It also helps to burn fat and reduces weight.

11) Guava Controls Bacteria

Guava Juice is a great natural anti-bacterial component. Anti-bacterial property of guava can help to flush out the toxins and kill the bacteria which can be responsible for several diseases. You should eat guava or drink guava juice regularly to prevent you from bacterial.

12) Guava for Stomach Problem

Guava Juice is very effective natural home remedy to treat the stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation. Consumption of guava juice can help to shrink and contract open tissues in your body. Guava is rich in fiber that is helpful to treat the consumption problem. So start drinking guava juice in your breakfast.

14) Guava for Flu

Guava for Flu

Guava juice has another benefit to treat the flu effectively. Low immune system is the main reason of flu. Eating guava or drinking guava juice helps to improve your immune system that is beneficial to treat Flu. Vitamin C present in the guava is also helpful to kill the viruses and infection causes of flu.

13) Guava for Reducing the Cancer Risk

Guava juice is also very good remedy to reduce the cancer risk. It helps to decrease the cancer cell production. Lycopene present in the guava which is the strong antioxidant helps to reduce the harmful free radicals that cause cancer.

15) Guava for Scurvy

Guava is very effective natural remedy to treat the Scurvy. The main reason of scurvy is the deficiency of vitamin C and guava is the rich source of vitamin C. So start eating guava and drinking the guava juice on regular basis which is beneficial for scurvy treatment.

16) Guava for Dengue Fever

Dengue fever can also be treated with guava consumption. Guava juice is very effective natural home remedy to treat dengue fever by drinking guava juice thrice in a day.

17) Guava for Toothache

Guava for Toothache

Guava juice is also beneficial to treat the toothache. Guava juice is natural astringent which is effective to provide instant relief from toothache.

18) Guava Improves Blood Circulation

For improving blood circulation, guava is very effective natural home remedy. Consumption of guava can also helpful to improve the brain function. Guava contains potassium that helps in regulating blood pressure and flushes out the sodium from your body.

Skin Benefits of Guava

19) Guava for Improving Complexion

Guava is also very good benefits for skin. It helps in improving complexion and regenerates the radiance and freshness of skin. You can prepare the homemade DIY guava scrub and apply to improve skin complexion. Take the fresh guava and mash these with egg yolk. Then apply this natural scrub on your face and leave it for half an hour. Wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice in a day for improving freshness and make your skin young.

20) Guava for UV Protection

Main reason of skin damage is UV rays. Guava contains lycopene which is good antioxidant. This can be helpful to protect your skin from UV rays and repair the damaged skin. Start eating guava and drink the guava juice.

21) Guava for Reducing Ageing Effect

Guava for Reducing Ageing Effect

Guava is very effective natural remedy to reduce and control the ageing effects. Guava contains vitamins A, B, C and potassium; these are strong antioxidants and detoxifiers. Consumption of guava can be beneficial to control the free radicals, and keep your skin young and freshness. It helps to clear the wrinkles, fine line and scar etc.

22) Guava as a Skin Toner

Guava contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help in skin toning. It also beneficial for removing wrinkles and keeps your skin tightening and brightening.  For improving skin elasticity and also clear the acne, pimples etc.

23) Guava for Treating Acne and Dark Spots

Are you searching for remedy of acne treatment? Guava is good and effective natural home remedy to treat the acne and dark spots. Prepare the homemade DIY face pack and use. Take the guava leaves, mash and prepare the paste. Gently apply on your affected skin and leave for half an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat it once daily.

24) Guava Helps in Skin Hydration

Hydration is most important for your skin health. Water is most essential component to keep your skin hydrated. You should drink plenty of water, at least 8 glass of water daily. Guava is rich source of source of water which helps to keep your skin hydrated. So start consuming guava and drink guava juice regularly for skin hydration.

25) Guava Treats Blackheads and Skin Itchiness

Guava Treats Blackheads and Skin Itchiness

Guava is very effective and natural ingredient to treat the blackheads and itchiness of skin. Prepare the homemade DIY face pack and use to clear the blackheads. Take the guava and blend with water to prepare the paste as scrub. Gently apply and scrub for removing the blackheads and itchiness. Leave it on for half an hour then wash off with lukewarm water.

Hair Benefits of Guava

26) Guava for Hair Loss

Hair loss and hair fall is the common problems. Are you also searching for natural solution to control the hair loss and hair fall? Guava contains vitamin C, which is helpful component to reduce hair fall and hair loss, it also promotes the hair growth.

In this post you have read about 26 best benefits of guava (Amrood) for skin, hair, and health. Please consume guava yourself and also share this post to your friends to know more about guava benefits.

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