15 Best Benefits of Dates (khajoor) for skin, Hair and Health


What are the benefits of Dates or Khajoor? We are listing 15 best benefits of Dates for skin, hair and health . Dates are popularly famous as khajoor. Most of the people love this fruit. Dates is a flowering plant species and it belongs to palm family. Dates are not only delicious but healthiest fruit as well. Dates have various health benefits such as reducing the cholesterol level, treating constipation, and boosting the energy etc. Keep reading about khajoor benefits.

One date contains approx 20 calories that contains 2.8 mg calcium and 5 g carbohydrates. Khajoor has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties etc. Eating of dates can be helpful to boost your immune system, curing fever and dysentery. Now let us start to know the date’s benefits in detail.

Health Benefits of Dates

1) Dates for Treating Constipation

Dates for Treating Constipation

Date pulp extract is the very effective natural remedy to treat the constipation problem. Dates have the ability you stimulates the gastrointestinal transit activity and provide the relief from constipation. Dates contain the fiber which is beneficial to prevent the risk of cancer. You should consume 20 grams of fiber every day to soft your stool soft to provide the fast relief from constipation.

2) Dates for Improving Heart Health

Dates or khajoor are effective ingredient for improving your heart health. Antioxidant property of dates help preventing atherosclerosis problem. Dates are rich in is flavorless which is very much effective to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. Regular consumption of dates helps to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Weight gain is the main reason of heart problem. Fiber enriched dates are helpful to reduce weight; in turn it is beneficial to reduce the heart health as well.

3) Dates for Regulating Cholesterol Level

Regulating cholesterol level is one of the most important benefits of dates. Dates contain several healthy nutrients and no cholesterol that are beneficial to reduce the cholesterol levels and oxidation stress. Enriched with iron and fibers, dates can be very helpful to maintain the cholesterol level and keep you healthy.

4) Dates for Improving Bone Health

Dates for Improving Bone Health

Dates are good for your bone health. Dates contain copper, magnesium, selenium, and manganese that are very beneficial to provide health to your bones. Vitamin K present in the dates helps to improve metabolism rate of your bone. So start consuming dates on regular basis.

5) Dates for Regulating Blood Pressure

Dates are also beneficial to regulate the blood pressure level. Dates contain potassium, and mineral that helps to lower your blood pressure levels. Fiber present in the dates can also helpful to stabilizes blood sugar levels. Magnesium also present in the dates are helpful to regulate the blood pressure level.

6) Dates for Treating Diarrhea

Dates are the very effective natural remedy to treat the diarrhea. Dates contain high amount of potassium which is helpful to cure the diarrhea symptoms. If you are suffering with diarrhea then start consuming at least 20 gram of dates twice in a day.

7) Dates Promote Brain Health

Dates Promote Brain Health

Dates are also beneficial for brain health. Regular consumption of dates can be helpful to reduce the stress level and inflammation which is required to improve brain health. Dates are also beneficial to reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease.

8) Dates for Preventing Colon Cancer

Dates are great fruit that is helpful to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. Regular consumption of dates helps to increase growth of beneficial bacteria which are beneficial to improve the colon health. So start eating dates daily.

9) Dates to Boosts Energy

For boosting energy, dates are well known natural fruit. Dates contain several nutrients and minerals which are very grateful to improve your energy level in no time. Dates also have sucrose, fructose, and glucose which are the natural sugar and work as a great energy booster.

10) Dates Promote Weight Gain

Dates Promote Weight Gain

Do you want to gain some weight? Then dates are beneficial for you. You just need to include the dates in your regular diet it will work as natural weight gainer.

11) Dates for Night Blindness

Another good benefit of dates is to cure the night blindness. Vitamin A deficiency is the main reason of night blindness. Dates contain the high amount of vitamin A which can be helpful for treating night blindness. So if you have this problem then start consuming dates or kajoor.

12) Dates for Preventing Intoxication

Dates have another benefit to prevent the intoxication. This can be proven in the research so you can use this magical natural remedy to prevent the intoxication effectively.

13) Dates for Preventing Hemorrhoids

Dates for Preventing Hemorrhoids

Dates are also helpful to treat the hemorrhoids naturally. Hemorrhoids is the very embarrassing problem, sometime it can be very painful. Hemorrhoids can occur with women during pregnancy. Dates contains high amount of fibers which can be treat the hemorrhoid problem.

Dates Benefits for Skin

14) Dates for Reducing Ageing Effect

Dates are also very beneficial for the several skin related problems. This is the great natural fruit to reduce the premature aging effects and sign. Dates contain vitamins C and D that helps to provide elasticity of your skin. Anti-aging property of dates can be very beneficial to reduce the aging sign and symptoms such as wrinkles, fine line, scares etc.

Hair Benefits of Dates

15) Dates for Preventing Hair Loss

Hair loss and hair fall is the common problem. Are you searching for the natural solution to control the hair fall? Then dates are the good natural fruit which is helpful to privet the hair fall and hair loss. Date contain iron which helps to improve the blood circulation to your scalp which is beneficial for hair growth. Regular use of dates is effectively beneficial to protect your hair from loss.

Best Ways to Consume Dates

  1. Consume dates as a stuffed snack.
  2. Mix diced dates with your breakfast cereal and has it.
  3. Add dates with tuna or chicken salad.
  4. You can also mix dates with other vegetables.
  5. You can also have the dates with vanilla yogurt.
  6. Soak dry dates to rehydrate them, and then consume

Popular Date Recipe

  1. Dates Milkshake
  2. Dates milkshake is the very popular dish which you can make at home with own.
  3. Take Whole milkshake, and handful of dates
  4. Mix these two ingredients properly
  5. You can also mix walnuts, cashews, and almonds in this mixture
  6. Enjoy this healthy, tasty and delicious dish

In this post you have read about 15 best benefits of dates (khajoor) for health, hair and skin. Please share this post to your friends and known one so that they can also know about these benefits of dates and take the advantage for their health, hair and skin.

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