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Best Back Exercise For Men


Back pain is one of the most common problems in men throughout the world. Excessive stress, hectic work schedule, poor sitting postures and unhealthy lifestyle are three major factors that contribute to this problem. Following is a brief rundown on top five back exercises that can be very helpful in keeping your back healthier, more balanced and stronger.

Best Back Exercise For Men


Lie down on a flat surface, this time on your stomach. Keep your arms and legs straight. Now, bring your feet and hands just a few inches off the ground, just like a superman. Stay in this position for a minute.

Then, bring your feet and hands slowly back to the surface. Repeat the process for five to ten times. This is one of the best exercises for both lower and upper back.

Butt Stretching

Your gluteus and butt are the two most common parts in your body where back pain originates from. Strains and tightness on these parts often pull your back out of alignment that results in back pain and injuries. The butt stretching exercise, therefore, can be very effective in keeping your back strong.

In this exercise, you first have to lie down on your back on a flat surface. Bend your left leg at the knee and bring the knee up to your right shoulder. This will cause stretching in your hips and butt and you will feel better on your back also. Now, repeat the process with your right knee and left shoulder.

Push Ups

Push ups require you to hold up the middle of your body, which means they are not just good for your arms but also for your abs and back. Therefore, doing proper push ups regularly can also be very beneficial in keeping your back healthy, strong and free from injuries.

Last, but not the least, since excessive stress is one of the most common reasons that lead to back pain, sometimes all you need is just to lie down and relax. Breathe deeply and keep your mind clear while you lie down in bed. Also, do not overdo any of the back exercises mentioned above. Do it in moderation.


In this exercise, you first have to lie down on your left side. Bring your light leg up to form an angle of 45 degrees. Then, bring it down. Repeat this process 10 to 15 times. Now, change your position, lie down on your right side and do it with your left leg.

This exercise puts your gluteus and hips at work and makes them stronger so that they can provide better support to your back. It is particularly very beneficial for those suffering with lower back pain.


Lie down straight on a flat surface, such as on a mat on the floor. Raise both your arms the way you do right before jumping into a pool. Then, bring the arms down, but while you do this, lift your upper body. Repeat this process for ten to fifteen times. This is a wonderful exercise for those suffering from upper back pain.

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