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Beginner’s Bodybuilding Diet Plan


Bodybuilding is considered as a rewarding hobby that helps to improve muscularity, strength and decreases body fat. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding legend, says that nutrition plays a crucial role in achieving the goals, especially for a beginner.

In order to maintain a chiselled and well defined physique, you need to highly develop your foundations. This can be achieved at a faster rate if you focus on the food types you are consuming. A sufficient amount of proper diet is the only key to success for the novice bodybuilders.

Diet Plan For Beginner Bodybuilders


Diet has always played an important role in the field of bodybuilding. However, the preferred foods and consumption procedures have changed over time. If you check the diet charts of the bodybuilders of 1950’s or 60’s, you will find whole eggs, red meat and heavy cream as a part of their primary food items.

These items are rich in protein and calories and for this reason the bodybuilders in that era were large as well as muscular. This trend has changed completely and now we see lean bodybuilders concentrating on leaner protein intake. The sources of leaner protein include egg whites, chicken breast and fish. These foods are also escorted by healthy fats like nuts, olive oil and avocado.


Diets related to bodybuilding can be divided into two phases – cutting and bulking. Most of the beginners focus on the bulking phase where they increase their caloric intake to build muscle mass. Professional bodybuilders usually prefer the cutting phase where they focus on the enhancing the muscular definition.

In the cutting phase, you need to lower your caloric consumption to strip off the unwanted body fat. As a beginner you should start with the bulking phase and gain a significant amount of mass before moving on to the cutting stage. Whatever be your caloric intake, the protein consumption must be high in both the phases as it is the crucial component helping in muscle repairing and growth.


A beginner, on the verge of starting his training session, need to emphasise on setting proper meal timing to meet the demands of weight training.

In order to maintain a constant supply of proteins and calories, you should eat at least 5 square meals per day. Since you need to gain muscle mass it is quite natural to get into the habit of eating brief and frequent meals.


Once you get into a bodybuilding diet, you will realize that it is quite harder than it seems. Suddenly shifting to a diet that includes large amount of food items can be inconvenient for the first time and may even lead to gastric discomfort. Moreover, finding the healthy foods and squeezing the diet in your busy schedule are additional challenges.


Bodybuilding is one of the difficult sports and is associated with high amount of stress upon your body. Increase in caloric diet and weight gain may be dangerous, especially for the people with high blood pressure or cholesterol issues. It is wise to consult your general physician before adopting the training program.

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