Weight Loss

Avoid Weight Gain After Marriage


There is a common complain from the maximum women’s that after marriage, it is hard to control herself from gaining weight. The reasons behind this fact are many. Overeating is a great cause. After marriage people generally become very happy and start eating more.

There are some tricks to avoid gaining weight after marriage :-

Do some exercises in the morning. Involve your spouse in the regime and you both do the exercises together. It will be fun and also effective. Doing exercise for at least 15 minutes everyday will bring your in shape very soon.

Be confident and think positive. If you give up trying, you will never lose weight. To get slim, you must be very positive about your outlook. Your spouse can play a very important role here. He must support you and inspire you to continue in the same way. He must encourage your spirits and complement you even after losing a little weight.

Walk a little everyday. Walk at least for 30 minutes a day. Plan your walking schedule. While returning home from some place, get down from the bus a little away from home and walk the distance. Take your spouse sometimes and go out for a brisk walk.

Remain figure conscious even after your marriage. Many women do not take their looks seriously anymore after getting married. But marriage is the end. You must conscious about your appearance even after marriage.

Be conscious about your eating habits. Eat whatever you wish, but in small amounts. Avoid fatty and oily foods. Add more fruits to your diet and also lots of green vegetables. Seek encouragement from your spouse and also convince him to join you in the mission.


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