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Anti-Wrinkle Facial Masks

anti wrinkle mask

As we age our body suffers from loss of collagen and elastin. This results in appearance of wrinkles on the skin and these are glaringly apparent on the face. External factors like free radicals in the environment and the UV rays from the sun also cause the body to lessen the production of collagen and elastin. Rapid weight loss can also result in sagging facial skin.

Eating a diet of fruits and vegetables rich in anti-oxidants will help fight the free radicals. Applying a sunscreen of SPF 30 twice everyday can protect from the harmful radiation of the sun. Skin can also be smoothened by weekly use of masks specifically meant for wrinkled facial skin.

Anti wrinkle facial masks are available commercially at many cosmetic products stores. However, you can also prepare your own masks at home at a lesser cost without compromising on quality or result.

To prepare a skin tightening, anti-wrinkle facial mask at home you will require 2 egg whites, juice of one lemon, one over ripe peach and half a cup of cream, milk or yoghurt.

Milk and Cocoa Mask

This is a simple and the best among all the best anti aging face masks. All you need is unsweetened cocoa powder and milk. Mix together and apply the paste on your skin. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse off thoroughly. This is a wonderful mask for exfoliation, gives you fresh-looking soft skin.

Lemon and Egg Facial Mask

To make this mask pour whites from two eggs in a bowl. Add juice of one lemon in this bowl and mix well with the egg whites. Clean your face with water and air dry. Now apply the lemon and egg facial mask on your face using a cotton ball. Take care to cover the neck area as well but do not apply on the eyes.

Let the mask dry for 20 minutes. Wash off the mask using a facial cleanser meant for your skin type. Moisturize your face with a facial cream or moisturizer.

Lemon and egg facial mask is highly recommended for oily skin as both lemon juice and egg white absorb excess oil from the skin.

Blackberry Walnut Scrub

Blackberries are an exceptionally potent source of antioxidants and are loaded with vitamins A, C, and E, all known for their abilities to reduce and even improve signs of aging. This scrub gets a secondary boost of vitamin E from walnuts, which also act as a gentle exfoliant.

Peach, Egg and Yoghurt Facial Mask

In a blender add one peach, white from one egg, half cup yoghurt, milk or cream. Blend the three ingredients well till they reach the consistency of a puree. Apply this mask on the face and neck using a cotton ball.

Leave on the mask for 20 minutes and wash away using a facial cleanser. Moisturize the face after drying.
Peach, egg and milk facial mask is excellent for dry skin. While egg white has drying effect the milk, cream or yoghurt used in the mask helps balance out the loss of oil. This helps in the promotion of tightened and supple facial skin.

Aloe Vera Mask

This is one of the best face masks that you can use. Apart from healing infections on your skin, the gel of this miracle plant does wonders to rejuvenate aging skin. It can be left on your skin for 20 to 30 minutes.

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