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Amazing Superfoods For New Mothers


As a new mother, there is so much going on in your head. You are worried about night time waking, taking care of your little one and of course, feeding them. Hence it is important that new mothers take care of themselves and also eat the right kind of diet and foods available. It should be remembered that these foods should help in improving energy levels, aid in breastfeeding the baby and also do rank high on the fat content-

Here Are Some Of Them


There are antibacterial and antifungal properties found in garlic that are known to help the mother fight infections. Eating garlic right after having a baby not only improves her health and aids in milk production, but it is also known to shrink back the size of the uterus and aid in internal healing. So eat 2-3 raw garlic cloves on a daily basis.

Red Onions

Like garlic, red onions too have a pungent taste, but sure fight off a lot of infections and illnesses. In particular, red onions are known for improving iron content and boost the hemoglobin levels in the body. Along with this, they add a bit of flavor to the milk that a lot of kids enjoy and this in turn helps the mother feed infants better.

Red And Yellow Lentils

Red lentils along with yellow lentils should be consumed on an everyday basis by the new mother. Research shows that red lentils in particular are known for aiding milk production in the body. Along with this, yellow lentils are suggested for vegetarians to get their healthy share of proteins.


This superfood is rich in iron along with a lot of other minerals and vitamins. It not only provides the new mother with bountiful of energy but is also known to give her an iron boost that is very much needed for the fragile body of the mother post a delivery.


Healthy nuts in all forms should be consumed. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that are known for aiding the brain development of the fetus. Through the mother’s milk, the new born too gets a lot of nutrition. Almonds along with walnuts are highly suggested for the new mother as this helps her to get energy and healthy fats.

Clarified Butter

The new mother needs energy along with some healthy fats that aid in calcium absorption. Since most mothers do breastfeed their kids, they are also prone to losing a lot of bone density along with calcium in feeding them. Clarified butter contains healthy fats that are known for helping in faster absorption of calcium, which is essential for all new mothers.

Egg Whites

If the new mother has weight gain issues, then it is best to ensure that she has at least 3-4 egg whites for breakfast. These egg whites are low in calories and do not contain cholesterol or other harmful ingredients. Egg whites provide a lot of energy to the mother along with being rich in proteins and other minerals too.

Yogurt And cheese

Another option that all new mothers should have is dairy, especially milk and cheese. This is basically a superfood because they provide a lot of calcium to the new mother. Opt for cottage cheese instead of having fatty cheese and yogurt is already low on fat. It aids digestion and improves milk production too.

Raw Papaya

Raw papaya does wonders for the health of the new mother. It contains natural enzymes that not only aid milk production but also improves the mother’s health. It aids in weight loss, while providing the right amount of energy to the mother. Have it in salad forms with some nuts and garlic for best results.


Lean meats are essential for the body of a new mother. In particular, fish is rich in different kinds of fish oil that are known to fight post pregnancy depression along with restoring health, improve hair production and also helps in improving nutrition levels in the new born.

Carom Seeds

Carom Seeds are a is a must have ingredient for the new born mother because it helps in combating gassy issues. Post a baby, the mother tends to be prone to a lot of digestion issues. Having carom seeds by either chewing them or drinking the water in which carom seeds have been boiled flushes out toxins, gets rid of post delivery bleeding and prevents digestion and gassy issues too.


Another fruit that is high on vitamin A, provides a lot of energy and also helps the new mother to stay awake during odd hours at night is the guava. It provides fibre, gets rid of toxins and is low on sugar too. So it is perfect for the new mother.

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