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9 Tested Diet Tips To Gain Muscle

Ten Tested Diet Tips To Gain Muscle

To gain muscles,  you have to manipulate your calorie intake towards plus side. Your daily  calorie gain should be more than that you consume and at a time when your muscles need it. Yes, you requires some additional calories to gain muscles, and for that you have to increase your diet in a calibrated  manner.

When you eat more , then  take care of the selection, quantity and timing of the  food otherwise a fat storing process will start and you will add fat on your body along with muscles .You should go for the food with high calorie and minimum fat. Meal timing , portion size and balance diet  are the key factors  to be taken care of to  gain quality mass that is muscles.Your muscles need more nutrients after work outs and at breakfast time. You should increase your portion size at these times for optimum growth of muscles.

Except some good fats like olive oil, fish oil or oil from the nuts ,you should avoid all type of dietary fats. A total of 5-10 grams fat  per meal is enough. In order to gain muscles, you have to nourish your body with critical nutrients at the right time. You should eat a variety of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins , minerals ,omega fatty acids and healthy fats.Here are ten super , proven and time tested foods , which speed up the muscle gaining process.

9 Best Diets Tips To Gain Muscle


To build muscles ,another important food is fish .It is one of the finest source of high  quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and both of them are vital to gain muscle.

Omega 3 fatty acids facilitates muscle growth by way of slowing down the muscle protein breaking process ,after the workouts. You should go for   fishes like salmon, sardines, tuna etc.  The salmon should be your first priority . Farm produced salmon lacks in omega 3 fatty acids when compared with wild salmon, so you should go with wild salmon.


Yoghurt is helpful in many ways. It is  an amalgamation of protein and carbohydrates .   It reduces post exercise protein breakdown and improves your gastrointestinal health. Don’t buy flavored  variety , instead you should go for plain yoghurt. A minor but very important element of yoghurt is conjugated  linoleic  acid,  which is important to diminish body fat.

Whole  Egg

Whole eggs are the best source of protein for muscle building .  Egg’s protein , due to its highest biological value is called the perfect protein. Egg yolk is full of protein, vitamins and minerals and some cholesterol . Don’t worry about cholesterol in eggs, as dietary cholesterol has nothing to do  with blood cholesterol.

Include whole eggs  in your diet plan. However , if your bad cholesterol level is high then control it with regular exercise. Vitamin B12 in eggs  is essential for breaking fats and muscle health.

Fruits And Veggies

This group of food is the most rewarding one in respect to muscle gain process. Fiber rich Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli ,helps to loose fat, alkaline spinach fights with muscles and bones loss , carrots and tomatoes  provide vitamins to gain muscles.

Fruits like orange and apple facilitates muscle building and weight loss .In the nut shell , all of these, with their superb nutrient value qualifies as great food for muscles gain.

Sprouts & Beans

The sprouts are very rich in nutrients ,enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are very essential to gain muscles. They are substitute of red meat for vegetarians .  Kidney beans  are highly nourishing and a good source of protein .  Black beans have both , the quality carbohydrates and simple proteins and when taken with chicken it is the perfect meal  for your muscle gain goal. Have a full plate of sprouts salad with little olive oil as breakfast, after your heavy workout.


Muscles contains  eighty percent water,  and in order to remain healthy and hydrated, they need water.  When you don’t drink enough water, that is  eight to ten liters of water in a day ,your body get dehydrated and in turn effect the protein synthesis of muscles badly.

Drinking sufficient water stops the process of dehydration, a good thing for your muscles health.  Again, no muscle gain regimen will be successful without consumption of sufficient quantity of water. Hydrate muscles respond more positively towards your other muscle gain efforts.

Milk And Green Tea

Milk  is a complete food  and it has all the required  nutrients , the vitamins, minerals and protein . Four to five glasses of milk is the minimum requirement of any muscle gain plan. You should avoid or minimize adding sugar to milk  as it will increase your body fat.

Green tea is an antioxidant and natural diuretic. It helps in flushing your body colones and also accelerates fat loss. Real green tea has a positive consequence in muscle building process.

Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts like cashew, almonds ,walnuts or peanuts are very rich source of good calorie and they are an ideal food to gain muscles.Everything in this list works ,but almonds are the finest ,because they are the best source of vitamin E ,an anti oxidant that resists damage of your muscles after heavy workouts. 20 to 25 almonds per day is a recommended dose which you can have, without worrying about gaining fat.

Iron , zinc and creatine are the  other nutrients , which are very essential to gain muscle . Red meat offers all these. You should consume red meat to benefit your muscles. An aided advantage of red meat is that it builds muscles very fast.

Add plenty of these foods in your diet plan  in calculated quantity and be assured that you will gain muscles with ease and will attain your dream shape.

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