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9 Simple Burn Belly Fat Diet

9 Simple Burn Belly Fat Diet

around the waistline or the belly is perhaps the most arduous of tasks. This is especially true once you start to age and the pounds start to pile on to the body. Belly fat is also lethal for the body especially the deep visceral fat that surrounds the organs.

A high percentage of this fat can lead to a host of diseases like diabetes, cardio vascular disease, high cholesterol and hypertension. The larger the waistline, the more prone you are to developing obesity related diseases. Diet plays an important role in the reduction of belly fat. Here are some of the top foods for reduction of belly fat.

Best Burn Belly Fat Diet

Oat Meal for Belly Fat Diet

This fibre packed meal can take inches off your waist and raise the good cholesterol in your body. A power packed breakfast of oatmeal can stave off sugar cravings for hours and leave you feeling satiated. Have the non-sweetened variety and cook it with honey or salt but no sugar.

Almonds for Belly Fat Diet

Nuts are another rich source of the vital omega 3 fatty acids that lower the bad cholesterol in the body. They also provide satiety thus making you feel full. Almonds are great for weight watchers especially those who are trying to get rid of belly fat. They are also great for good hair and skin.

Protein Shakes for Belly Fat Diet

Protein shakes are pretty much hyped but are a crucial component of your diet especially if you are weight training  and trying to gain muscle strength. Add 2 teaspoons to your fruit smoothie for fat busting results.

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The Goodness of Olive Oil for Belly Fat Diet

Throw out your regular refined oil and invest in a bottle of pure virgin olive oil for your cooking. This oil is rich in MUFA, which raises the good cholesterol in the body. It is also easier to digest. So go in for canola or olive oil to lose belly fat.

Berries for Belly Fat Diet

Berries are a rich source of anti oxidants and phytochemicals that help to reduce the incidence of free radicals in the body and they have the added bonus of being low on calories.

They are great tummy fillers and can keep those hunger pangs at bay. Have a diet rich in strawberries, mulberries and raspberries. Add variety to your meal so that you get the best possible nutrition.

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Eggs for Belly Fat Diet

Eggs minus the yolk are great for people trying to lose weight. They contain essential protein, which helps to burn fat and builds muscle. They are also a rich source of vitamin B12.

Beans and legumes for Belly Fat Diet

Have whole dals like Moong, Lobia and beans like kidney beans 3-4 times a week to lose weight. These are packed in fibre and can leave you feeling full for hours. They are also high on protein.

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Lean Meat for Belly Fat Diet

If you cannot do without your daily dose of non-vegetarian food, stick to lean meats like fish and poultry. Have small portions and resort to sautéing, grilling and steaming as a healthier cooking option.

Whole Grains for Belly Fat Diet

Substitute your regular flour with whole grain or multi-grain atta, which helps to trim your waistline. It has the goodness of fibre, which fills you up and has essential vitamin B for the body.

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