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Top Natural Tips To Reduce Hair Fall


We will have a look at the various tips that help to reduce hair fall in men. Before venturing into that we must first understand why hair fall happens and what the main causes are. The main causes for hair loss in men are family history (heredity), improper of insufficient nutrition in the body, use of some medicines, increasing age, presence of dandruff or other scalp infections, over-exposure to sun, dirt and pollution (for e.g. while riding a bike), stress, climatic changes, careless approach towards hair, excessive usage of hair-gels etc. Women are still very alert and attentive towards their hair, even if few strands fall off they tend to get worried and take steps. However this is certainly not the case with men; generally they are very ignorant about these things and don’t even tend to notice whether hair fall is happening. It comes to notice only when you have lost a bunch of hair and a slight bald patch starts appearing. Here are few tips that are helpful for hair loss in men.

Natural Home Tips To Reduce Hair Fall In Men

Applying Agents Rich In Sulphur Content

Sulphur is one agent which is essential for hair growth and strength. This is because sulphur is a component of keratin which is a major protein forming the hair strands. Hence if you apply agents like garlic, onion on to the hair (which are rich in sulphur), and the rate of hair fall will go down tremendously.

Healthy Eating Practices

The bottom line of all the remedies is nutrition. If the body has enough nutrition your scalp and hair buds will get enough nutrition. This will ultimately reduce the hair loss. A balanced diet must contain required amounts of proteins, fats, Omega 3 fatty acids, micronutrients like zinc, magnesium, and vitamins etc. It is preferable to consult a nutritionist for planning a balanced nutritious diet. With a balanced diet it is equally necessary to stay hydrated and drink lots and lots of water.

Keep Hair Clean

It is important to shampoo and wash your hair regularly as dirty unclean hair leads to various skin conditions and infections which eventually result in hair fall. It is advisable to wash your hair every alternate day and try to use neutral shampoo as much as possible. Using products rich in strong chemicals and fragrance also damage hair and lead to hair loss.

Methi Daana

Methi daana or fenugreek seeds are rich in a number of micro nutrients. It also contains zinc which is an important for strong hair and hair growth. Therefore if you regularly apply a paste of fenugreek seeds mixed in water on the scalp for about 15 min and then normally shampoo it off, you will observe reduction in hair loss within few weeks.

Knock Out Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the major reasons of hair fall in men. Dandruff occurs because of fungal infection, dirt, sweat and dirty scalp. This causes damage to the scalp leading to hair fall. Therefore it is important to remove dandruff. Some natural ways of doing that is use of coconut oil for massaging, application of curd and lemon paste on the scalp, washing hair using a natural shampoo made up of amla, shikakai and aritha. These are very simple remedies with great results.

Eggs and Curd

Eggs have abundant nutrition. They are rich in proteins, fats, zinc and other nutrients. Therefore applying a mixture of egg and curd or even egg and honey on the scalp once weekly gives excellent results. It reduces hair loss and along with it imparts a shining glow to the hair.

Regular Massaging

The scientific reason for regular massaging the scalp is improving blood circulation. Massaging activates the circulatory system and increases flow of blood towards the scalp thereby it helps in promoting hair growth. The second equally important reason is massaging opens up pores by making them warm, thus the absorption and reach of nutrition to the scalp is increased. The different examples of oils which are beneficial for promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss are coconut oil (widely used and very effective), olive oil (has high levels of antioxidants and nutrients), almond oil (rich in, iron, magnesium, vitamins, calcium), lavender oil (antioxidant, anti fungal and anti bacterial) etc.

Black Pepper with Yogurt

Mixing a few teaspoons of black pepper with a few ounces of yogurt can be a good paste for your hair. Mix the two together well and rub it into your hair as you would a normal shampoo. Rinse it out after a few minutes, and then wash it out with a mild shampoo.

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