8 Natural Cures For Parasites Of The Intestine

Parasites Of The Intestine

Intestinal parasites are those parasites that invade the intestine of a human being and cause a lot of symptoms like bloating, stomach pain and a lot of itching and malnutrition. Once intestinal parasites enter they body, they can spread and multiply fast. They are difficult to treat as they are internal parasites.

Few of them can spread through nails and sheets and hence must be dealt with as soon as possible. There are a few home remedies that can cure intestinal parasites. These remedies are very strong and can exert better influence than antibiotic treatment which can sometimes lead to side effects like yeast infections.


Carrots are considered as a strong remedy for treating parasites of the intestine. Grate a cup of carrots and have them on an empty stomach early in the morning. This will destroy the action of intestinal parasites in the body and prevent further attacks if you do it on a daily basis.


For treating parasites of the intestine, take half a cup of spearmint juice and squeeze a lemon into it along with a pinch of black salt. This can be taken every day for a few days to remove the irritation and itching caused due to parasitic infection.


Raw coconut is used for treating parasitic infections in the intestine. Grate some fresh coconut every day and eat it in the morning. Follow it up with a glass of coconut water to improve its strength and provide relief from the worms that have attacked your body.

Castor Oil And Milk

Take a glass of warm milk and add a tablespoon of castor oil to it. Drink this twice a day. The parasites in your body will be removed through your bowels by using this treatment method.

Continue taking milk and castor oil for about a week. This will remove the parasites completely from your body.

Lemon Seeds

Crush a few lemon seeds to form a paste. Add it to a cup of water or make lemon juice itself along with the seed paste and drink for a week. You can also chew the seeds in your mouth first thing in the morning and prevent as well as bust parasitic attacks forever.


One pomegranate can be taken every day along with the seeds for best results. Alternately, drink pomegranate juice along with some lemon juice which too will have the same result and destroy the parasites in your body completely.

Papaya Seeds

Eating papayas along with the seeds is something you would never have through about. When you have a parasitic infection, take the papayas along with the seeds. Mash well and eat them twice a day. The parasites that trouble your intestine will be gone in a week and you will feel normal again.


Chew a tomato every day along with some salt and pepper. This is a great remedy for parasites as well as fungal infections in the body. This can be included as a salad in your regular diet to prevent future parasitic attacks on the body.

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