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8 Effective Home Remedies For Sweaty Hands

sweaty hands treatment

Sweat-soaked hands are a genuine put off and the condition plagues numerous an individual and influences their social and individual life as well.Most of them are humiliated by the condition and timid far from society and individual contact. A few reasons like anxiety, hormone issues and so forth can be ascribed to sweat-soaked hands.

Rather than agonizing over the issue, attempt these superb cures that help regard the condition as well as avoid further scenes of sweat-soaked hands effectively. These cures are effectively accessible at home and can likewise be conveyed alongside you while you are moving so you hands stay dry and crisp all for the duration of the day.

Best Natural Remedies For Sweaty Hands


Water is an amazing cooling cure and sweat-soaked hands are especially more awful on individuals whose body gets hot quick. The most ideal approach to maintain a strategic distance from this is to drink a lot of cool water all for the duration of the day. This will help the body to stay cool and counteract sweat-soaked hands also. Drink no less than 2-3 liters of water to monitor your body temperature.

Green Tea

Green tea has a few restorative and additionally astringent qualities and aides in drying the sweat normally by shutting the pores. Green tea likewise helps in expelling overabundance oils and dampness from the skin and keeps sweat from getting away into the skin surface.

Drinking green tea will likewise have a detoxifying impact on your body and this will take out the awful scent in your sweat and avoid bacterial activity on the sweat also. Take 2 some green tea consistently and touch some green tea ice 3D squares in your grasp once in a while to anticipate sweat-soaked hands.

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is another straightforward and effortlessly accessible home solution for treating sweat-soaked hands However, it is critical to pick gently fragrances assortment or non perfumed assortment of bath powder for this reason as sweat-soaked hands can smell truly awful when the sweat consolidates with the scent in the powder.

Baby powder is a decent option as it is somewhat perfumed. The powder in the powder helps in monitoring the sweat by shaping a layer over the skin surface and retaining the sweat satisfactorily.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has great assimilation properties that will help in keeping the skin dry at first glance. Take some heating pop and blend with water.

Apply on the palm and rub your palms together to seal the surface with preparing pop and keep sweat from leaking through. You can rehash the methodology as and when expected to monitor the sweating.

Rose Water

Rose water is another cure that can be utilized for controlling sweat-soaked hands. Get ready rose water by bubbling flower petals in water and including a couple drops of rose oil for scent. This can be packaged and utilized for spotting on the hands a few circumstances to forestall sweating.

Another approach to utilize rose water is to blend it with vinegar to make an a great deal more solid solution for sweat-soaked hands. Take some flower petals and implant it in white vinegar. This can be put away in a jug and utilized for spotting staring you in the face in the morning and evening and in the middle of when vital for controlling sweat-soaked hands.

Tomato Juice

The cooling and astringent properties of tomato squeeze too will help in controlling sweat-soaked hands and palms. Drink cool tomato squeeze each day to keep your body cool. Apply tomato squeeze on the palm for keeping the buddy dry and delicate.

Tea Bags

Tea packs too have astringent properties because of the tannic corrosive in it. Use of dark tea packs help in the contracting of pores and furthermore in lessening the odds of sweat from leaking however the pores. Take wet tea packs and hold them inside your palms for a couple of minutes at regular intervals. Dark tea can likewise be utilized for flushing or wiping your palms or drenching for 60 minutes consistently to control sweating.


Another awesome astringent that can be utilized for controlling sweat-soaked hands is vinegar. Spot vinegar in your palms 2-3 times each day to counteract over the top sweating and keep your hands dry from sweat.

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