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8 Best Home Remedies For Sagging Skin


Time and tide wait for none and so do the aging signs. Due to aging, the elastin and collagen structure of the skin loses elasticity and the skin loses some of its self-moisturizing components making it appeared loose and saggy. Plus, age can make the facial muscles weak, which also contributes to saggy skin.

The sun is the root cause that ravages the skin and makes us look dull and worn out. Plus, as we age our body gradually decreases the production of Collagen that maintains the elasticity of our body. We try using various creams, gels, anti-ageing products, laser treatments and injections to get rid of these awful lines but all efforts in vain. The chemicals in these products can only worsen the situation.

Herbal Remedies For Sagging Skin


The best thing about cucumber is that it gives a cool and refreshing feel to your skin. When the skin begins to age, fine lines begin to appear near the eyes. These fine lines accompany loose and sagging skin and make you look haggard and old. Though you cannot use a face pack around your eyes, you certainly can reap the goodness of a few slices of cucumber. Simply slice a few pieces of cucumber and place it on your eyes to combat those fine lines.


Another good remedy for sagging skin is cinnamon. It helps accelerate collagen production, which is essential for firm, tight skin. Mix one teaspoon each of cinnamon powder and turmeric powder with enough olive oil to make a paste. Then mix in one-half teaspoon of sugar or salt. Gently scrub your face and neck area with this paste for a few minutes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an ideal treatment for all skin problems. Applying Aloe Vera in the raw form or even consuming Aloe Vera increases collagen naturally and thus helps prevent pre mature ageing signs, wrinkles and even tightens the skin. Aloe Vera keeps the skin moist and thereby reduces dry skin. Regular use of Aloe Vera imparts a natural glow to our skin and keeps it firm and smooth at all times.

Green Tea

Green Tea is a known anti-ageing property. Its increases blood circulation tones the skin restoring its elasticity and helps you maintain a healthy skin. The antioxidant properties of Green Tea fight against wrinkles and treat acne problems as well.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a potential fighter of sagging skin and gives a natural facelift. Massaging olive oil on the body and keeping it overnight not only tightens the loose skin but it also make the skin soft and smooth. The potent antioxidant properties of this oil are the reason why a lot of cosmetic brands use it as a core ingredient in their products.

Turmeric Benefits

Apply a paste of Sugarcane Juice and Turmeric on your face and neck and you are on your way to achieve a smooth and wrinkle free skin. This paste cleans the skin pores and allows it to breathe fresh. Moreover, Turmeric has been passed down over generations for its skin healing properties. Ageing is a natural process that you can`t stop but can surely slow down with the help of nature. So bid goodbye to the creases and folds and say hello to youthfulness!


Mullein is a beneficial herb for skin care. It is sold loose in the market as tea. Drinking Mullein tea or making a paste of Mullein leaves and applying on the face and neck region tones the skin and increases blood circulation. The oil of this herb contains vitamins, minerals and useful tannins that increase the elasticity of the skin.

Witch Hazel

A natural ingredient that acts as a powerful astringent is Witch Hazel. Plain witch hazel may be applied to the skin straight from the bottle using cotton balls. Apply it on your face and neck on a regular basis makes your pores and skin clear. This herbal remedy tenses and uplifts the sagged skin and prevents the visibility of deep wrinkles on your face.

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