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7 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In One Month


Everywhere you go, you will find people who would love to lose weight, yet very few people are able to achieve this arduous task. There must be some reason behind their inability to lose pounds despite the strong desire for weight loss, and despite the fact that $40 billion is spent each year on diet aids in America.

In fact the number of obese people in on the rise and so are the deaths related to obesity. Coupled with more health related researches and diet pills, it is indeed surprising.

Seemingly the reason is contradictory information in each study resulting in misinformation. While one research study would produce one outcome, the other research would disprove the same. Even the experts do not agree with each other on the most basic information which might lead one to doubt if they are trying to promote a product.

When users are confused with the misinformation, they are at a loss of the right diet plan for themselves. Hence, they continue to blindly follow any diet plan advertised or recommended to them, not understanding that one plan may work for someone else but not for them as every body is different. The better approach is to gain an accurate understanding of the diet plans or any weight loss methods before indulging into any. Do not depend on the advertisement of weight loss products totally as they may not be as great as they are made out in the advertising. You must also learn to read the labels on these weight loss products carefully as these can be misleading. The only beneficiary of such products is the manufacturers.

Common sense entails the following tips, for permanent weight loss

1) The day should be started with fresh fruits like bananas, oranges, strawberries, apples, mangoes etc; breakfast cereals are not required. In fact the bacon and eggs should be completely done away with. Eat fruits as much as you want, do not restrain! But the breakfast meal is most important. Do not skip it if possible.

2) Eating meat (chicken, fish etc) should be restricted to only 3 meals per week.

3) Have plentiful salad in the meal without high fat dressings. Use fresh vegetables and low fat ingredients in the salad.

4) The amount of processed foods should be restricted as they lack nutritional value. They are widely used and are easily available. Anything that requires a list of ingredients and is not available in fresh grocery section is normally a processed food; for example, health foods such as breakfast cereals, jams etc.

5) Have more fresh fruits and vegetables in meals.

6) Dairy products, especially high fat ones like cheese, should be consumed not more than thrice a week.

7) It is important to do some physical exercise every day. The muscles including the heart become weak when there is lack of physical activity, so it is imperative to keep your body going to be in good shape and healthy.

Following such tips with lead to ahealthier lifestyle and prevent you from diseases resulting from such unhealthy habits.

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