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Top Effective Tips To Reduce Aging In Men

reduce aging

Skin ageing equally affects men as women. The problem is that generally men feel shy to go for a massage, facial or a spa; get a skin treatment done. Hence, let us discuss some basic and easy ways of reducing ageing in men.

Sweating exposes your skin to salt water, which can break down the skin’s defenses and allow more ultraviolet light and pollutants to reach skin cells.

Top Tips To Reduce Aging In Men

Exercising Regularly

Other than keeping you fit and active, exercising regularly keeps a check on the functioning of your vital organs such as heart, brain, kidneys, liver etc. Exercising also improves blood circulation to various organs and this eliminates toxins frequently and reduces diseases and keeps you fit and fine. Improved blood flow and increased circulation also imparts a glow to your skin and keeps it young and free from skin problems Other than this, exercising will build your muscle mass and reduce fat mass; and an ideal body-mass ratio is beneficial in reducing risk for a number of diseases. For men, both cardio and weight training is important and ideally there must be a balance of both. You can consult a trained gym instructor to plan your schedule of exercises according to your body type and other relevant factors.

Avoid A Bad Diet

Where a good healthy diet can improve your skin and reduce aging, on the other hand unhealthy eating practices might speedup the skin aging. This includes a junk food diet. Usually men are always on the run trying to multi-task between work and other responsibilities. It’s a usual habit of just picking up junk and filling your tummy. This means that the practice of eating burgers, pizza, vada pav etc. on a regular basis is not good for your skin and might be responsible for skin aging. Eating saturated fats (bad fats), high-sugar diet, high-salt diet, processed or frozen foods which are also rich in chemicals and preservatives etc. are not good for your skin.

Alcohol & Smoking

Smoking is a direct risk factor for many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. It causes constriction of blood vessels which reduces the skin blood flow causing a dry dull looking skin which leads to early aging. In some cases the skin becomes saggy. On the other hand frequent alcohol consumption damages your liver which leads to accumulation of toxins in your body. This shows on your skin and your skin appears dull, wrinkled and aged.

Following A Good Diet

A balanced diet containing essential nutrients in right amount is necessary to keep your skin healthy and keeps it young protecting your skin against the effects of aging. A balanced diet also maintains collagen levels which impart tightness to your skin. The foods that reduce progression of skin aging include foods rich in phyto-nutrients (basically the fruits and vegetables which are bright-coloured), egg (rich in protein), beans (again rich in proteins), fish (contain omega-3 fatty acids), green leafy vegetables (vitamins, mineral and iron rich), dark chocolate, whole grains, avocado etc. Garlic is a wonder ingredient that really helps in reducing aging process.

Hydration And Moisturising

Drink at least 8 -10 litres of water every day; keeping skin hydrated and moisturized reduces dryness (dryness is major factor for causing skin aging).

Use Sunscreen & Skin Care Regularly

It is a scary fact that every time you get tanned in sun, your skin gets damaged. The skin naturally has properties to regenerate itself after getting damaged. However, this property of regeneration starts diminishing as you age; the result being decreased regeneration. This results in visible aging of skin, blemishes, spots, wrinkles etc. Hence, it is advised that every time you step out in the sun you must wear a sun-screen (minimum SPF 15). Wearing a sunblock is equally necessary for males. No amount of sunscreen will completely protect you; therefore you should avoid stepping out in harsh sun (between 11 am – 3pm) and if you are, use a cap or umbrella to keep your skin protected.

Yoga And Meditation

Practicingyoga and meditation regularly keeps your body relaxed, free of stress and healthy. It improves blood circulation and increases the oxygen content in your blood. Staying stress free reduces the levels of certain hormones in blood which are responsible for skin aging.

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