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6 Natural Cures For Bladder Infection


Urinary bladder infections are very common among adults as well as kids. Bladder infections can be caused due to a variety of reasons. Women who are pregnant are more susceptible to the condition due to the pressure exerted on the bladder by the womb.

E- Coli, the bacteria that cause bladder infection are present in the body of every human being. It is only when they enter the urinary bladder and multiply that an infection is caused.

Sexual intercourse is one reason when many women contract bladder infections. Symptoms include burning and pain while urination, pain in the lower abdominal area, frequent urination and hazy and foul smelling urine. Bladder infections can cause kidney damage if left untreated and hence must be treated without delay.

Some Home Solutions

Baking Soda

For regaining the ph balance in the vagina, baking soda can be used. Take a cup of water and add a quarter spoon of baking soda to it. Drink this to relieve the burning sensation caused due to bladder infection. However, if you have bladder infection that is related to pregnancy, avoid baking soda. Diseases of the kidneys too may not react well to this remedy.


Drink blueberry juice every day to prevent bladder infections if you are susceptible to it. When you feel an episode of bladder infection surfacing, which most of us can sense, start drinking blueberry juice twice a day. This will stop the multiplication of bacteria in the bladder and prevent it from getting severe.


Cranberry juice is something even pregnant women are asked to drink in order to prevent bladder infections. Drink pure cranberry juice without sweetening it twice a day until the infection is removed. The acidic properties of cranberry juice will make the body acidic which will render the bacteria incapable of acting on the bladder.


Drink 3-4 litres of water every day if you are someone who gets bladder infection way too often. When you have a bladder infection, drink water frequently to flush out the bacteria and prevent it from multiplying.

Flushing out the bacteria continuously will prevent the infection from becoming severe.


A body that has a strong immunity will not fall sick often. All kinds of infections can be removed faster by strengthening the immune system. Add plenty of citrus fruits in your diet to get the benefit of vitamin C which is required for a strong immune system.

Along with that vitamin A and E are also essential for increasing the supply of oxygen to the blood. This will prevent damage to the bladder walls when there is an infection.

Tea Tree Oil

An oil with acidic properties and hence great for treating bladder infections. Mix tea tree oil with some olive oil and smear it inside the vaginal walls to remove the bacterial action there.

You will feel immediate relief from the burning sensation while doing this. Soaps made of tea tree oil too are available in herbal soaps. This soap can be used for washing the vagina and preventing the bacteria from multiplying.

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