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5 Excellent Herbs To Treat Menstruation Pain


Are you also one of those females for whom arrival of menstruation date is scary? Those cramps in stomach during periods are very painful and uncomfortable.  Mostly pain in lower abdomen during periods is due to excess levels of prostaglandins (hormone-like substances linked to pain and inflammation).

There are a number of herbs available which can help you relieve of these cramps and soothe you from menstruation’s effects. However, if you are feeling severe and unbearable cramp, please take a professional medical advice, as this can be due to some other health reasons.

Herbs To Treat Menstrual Pain

Raspberry Leaf Tea

If you have tried many of home treatments and still could not get relief from period cramps, you should give a try to Raspberry leaf tea. To make this tea, you need some leaves of red raspberry. Clean these leaves with water and boil them with two-three cups of water till the quantity turns half. You can add a teaspoon of sugar or honey for taste.

Drink this tea for 1-2 times a day during periods and you will definitely get relief from cramps. It is believed that this tea tones the uterus and therefore minimizes cramps caused due to menstruation. You can also buy raspberry tea from market.


This herb is extracted from the bark of French maritime pine tree. Pycnogenol is a natural anti inflammatory anti-oxidant herb and therefore it naturally treats period cramps.

You can easily get a supplement of Pycnogenol in the market and take doses as advised. This is one of the most natural herbs which are very effective on period cramps.


Turmeric is a gift of nature to cure various health problems in a natural way. Most of the people are aware of its some medical properties like it is an antiseptic and an anti-oxidant. Well, turmeric is also an antispasmodic which relaxes muscles and gives relief from cramps during periods.

Take turmeric extract daily for two-three times during menstruation to aid pain in lower abdomen. For better results add a teaspoon of turmeric extract with a glass of hot milk and drink it. In some cases it is seen that use of turmeric increases bleeding therefore in case on any such symptoms please avoid turmeric.


Ginger, one of the most common ingredients found in Indian Kitchen, not only adds taste to tea or Indian cooking, but also contains several health benefits. Intake of ginger during menstruation gives soothing relaxation and minimizes cramps in lower abdomen.

This is a warming herb which soothes muscles and relaxes the whole body. Ginger tea added with honey would be the best way to take this herb and get immediate relaxation.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea gives relief from menstrual cramps. Peppermint is believed to relax the lower abdomen and uterus of the body, and resultantly give soothing effect on period pain.

Peppermint tea is easily available in market or you can just try peppermint leaves and keep them in a bottle to use it anytime when required. Boil 1-2 glass of water and add peppermint leaves to it. Boil it till the quantity turns half or approximately 10 minutes at low flame. Sip this tea 2-3 times a day. You can add sugar or honey for taste.

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