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5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Breastfeeding Pain


Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful natural processes of this world. However, it leads to a host of problems. Most of the moms feel the need to seek help from those more experienced than them. For some it is easy and breastfeeding doesn’t cause any problems at all.

But for others it not only causes problems like pain and soreness but also engorgement. However, this is not a great cause of worry. There are several home remedies to solve these problems. Here is a list of the best herbs that can be used for reducing pain caused by breastfeeding.

Herbal Remedies for Breastfeeding Pain


Parsley leaves make great poultices for reducing pain and soreness. You can cook the leaves in a diaper tied up with a rubber band. You can then apply the softened leaves with the help of a poultice upon your sore breasts. You can even use dried leaves for this purpose.

Make sure you apply the poultice while the mixture is still warm. Let the leaves simmer for at least 15 minutes.


Use fresh or dried comfrey leaves to make poultices. You can again prepare the leaves by tying it up in a cloth and then boiling it for at least fifteen minutes. Comfrey leaves helps clear blocked tubes and ducts. It removes pain to a great extent.

Use hot poultices for this purpose. However this herb must be used in controlled amounts. Though it causes almost instant relief, using it too much may cause external damage to your infant. Comfrey ointments are also available. These are a great help with sore nipples.


This herb can be used to prepare wonderful soaks which cause almost instant relief. It removes all sorts of infection and reduces engorgement. Like other herbs it helps clear out blockages and all but eradicates any pain that may be present. Take two gallons of water and boil it in a pot.

Add the marshmallows when it starts simmering and then turn off the heat. Let the herb steep overnight. Use this mixture as a soak to soothe your sore nipples and breasts. It is a great help!


This herb has been used by midwives from Russia to America for centuries! It greatly increases the body’s metabolism rate and boosts its immune system. This hastens the healing process of any infection and also the engorgement of the breasts.

It reduces pain considerably and makes the body more resilient. It is generally used in the tincture form. The general dosage is about ten drops every day.

Yarrow Leaf

Yarrow leaf is an herb which helps a lot in relieving any pain in the nipples or breasts. It cures, almost instantly, cracked nipples. It can be used as its infused herbal oil or even in poultices. The poultice is easy to prepare and not much of a hassle.

You just need to boil the leaves till the water starts simmering and then use a poultice to apply them or a hot compress. Use poultices for brief periods rather than long intervals.

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