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Effective Diet Routine For Bodybuilder


In order to reach the targets and be successful in every aspect, a bodybuilder must make sure that he is not consuming unhealthy food items or anything that degrades the progress in muscle building. Herein you get a complete bodybuilding diet routine that will help you avoid eating anything that will keep you from building a competition physique.

When it comes to bodybuilding, you need to keep yourself in top physical condition by shaping your physique with large muscular mass and clean definition of muscles. Moreover, the professionals should tune their chiselled look to its extremity before each competition so that they can achieve satisfactory feedback from the judge’s panel.

Effective Diet Routine For Bodybuilder

Mass Building

For building muscle mass, you need to eat more. Building lean muscle mass is more important than pure size. Bulking up does not mean stuffing your stomach to increase the body fat. You need to monitor your diet routines in such a way that they contain sufficient amount of useful nutrients and you do not have to bloat your stomach. Junk foods and fried foods are the unhealthy foods that add unwanted body fats. You can incorporate junk foods in your diet as cheat meal, but they are quite risky especially when the competitions are approaching.

First Meal

The first meal or the breakfast is the most crucial meal for a bodybuilder and should not be skipped. There are many websites suggesting good foods especially for the bodybuilders to eat in their breakfasts. The most common nutritious breakfast include whole wheat bread sandwich with scrambled eggs and potatoes.Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and keep your stomach full for a longer period of time by slowing down digestion. You can also incorporate oatmeal pancakes as an additional food item in your first meal.


Just like any other sports, bodybuilding also requires adequate amount of foods and diets to fuel the body during performance. The bodybuilding diet routines have great effect upon the performance of the enthusiasts. Weight training and muscle building requires proper diet to maintain constant energy supply for the workouts. Moreover, gaining muscle mass is directly related to eating sufficient amount of healthy food products, rich in nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.

Protein Sources

A serious bodybuilder requires large amount of protein for complete compensation every 3 hours. The protein rich food items include dairy products, meat and eggs and if you avoid meat, you can maintain a good shape but you cannot achieve the required mass and size to participate in a bodybuilding competition. The proteins are broken down into amino acids which act as building blocks, repairing the muscle fibres and maintaining the muscle mass. It is in this process of repairing that the edible proteins in your blood are absorbed and an obvious growth in muscle mass is ensured.


Apart from maintaining a proper diet routine, you need to lift more weights than before. If you continue training at the same level of resistance for a longer time period, you may level out before reaching your goals.

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