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5 Symptoms Of Staph Infection On Face

5 Symptoms Of Staph Infection On Face

Staph infections mostly manifest themselves as skin problems. They thrive in warm and sweaty places like under the armpits, groin area etc.However, they can also occur on the face. These look quite bad, and tend to leave some kind of scarring behind. Hence, it is important to recognize the symptoms in the beginning stage itself so as to prevent it from getting worse.

Signs Of Staph Infection On Face

Nasal Infections

A small amount of staphylococcus bacteria live in the nasal cavity. When the immunity levels are low, the infection may increase and give rise to certain symptoms. This is called staph nasal infection. Swelling takes place in the nasal passages.

You get a tender feeling in your cheeks and face. Congestion along with bouts of fatigue and headache are also associated with this condition. The headaches can range from mild to highly severe. The swelling of the nasal passages leads to difficulty in flow of mucus. Also, the color of the mucus is a sickly green or yellow which indicated a diseased condition. It leads to severe congestions. Coughing is also experienced which is more pronounced at night. One must immediately consult a doctor in such cases.


This is an infected hair follicle and can easily affect the face. It occurs mostly among men who shave, but anyone can contract this condition with an infected hair follicle. There is a redness and inflammation around the infected follicular region. The infection can also take place when there in an ingrown hair. In this case, the bacteria can infect the region after the hair is grown. Both the usual strains as well as the MRSA strains can infect this region.


These are pus filled regions than can be formed on the face. These are pus filled pockets that are quite painful. When they burst they ooze out pus or other infectious fluid. One must be very careful while handling them, and must not try to burst or scratch them on their own. This could lead to spreading of the condition. One must always heed caution and keep the face covered so as to prevent the spreading of the infection and must only consult a doctor for treatment options.


This can cause rashes, blisters or bumps on the face. They can also manifest as sores formed near the nose or the mouth. These are quite painful and also highly contagious. They mostly affect younger people, though adults with improper hygienic habits could be at risk. Other symptoms include crusted bumps and lesions. These could also be pus filled.

Serious Cases

In the most serious and untreated cases, the infection could spread to other parts of the body. If abscesses are left untreated, it could lead to an accumulation of pus inside the body and can lead to much severe conditions. Some of these include infections of the blood, lymph, bones and so one. If untreated in the early stages it could also lead to toxic shock syndrome.

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