Major Health Problems Of Women


Woman is a privilege that god has bestowed upon us. She is a natural care taker who ceaselessly works everyone around her  to make them comfortable and happy while conveniently forgetting her own problems and issues.

Major and common problems that women face

Painful Menstrual Cycle

The most common problem the women face. Unless the pain is coupled with sudden weight gain, erratic bleeding or irregularity of periods, it is in all probability harmless. However, it is always good to have yourself checked by a Gynecologist regularly and let Doctor confirm if there is no serious issue. To relieve you of the menstrual pain, there are a few simple things that you could do and feel a little better during this time.

Two to three days before the periods are due and through the periods, try not to have food items that have a cooling affect on your body like Cucumber, curd, Butter Milk, Banana, Lemon Juice. The food items that cool your body would normally aggravate the pain.

Do This in Menstrual Pain:

  • Don’t stop exercising, unless the pain is severe.
  • Moving your body is a better way of combating the pain compared to lying in a still position.
  • Drink a lot of water and eat salad and Vegetables to keep you energetic and Fresh.

Depression In Women

It is difficult to detect and usually gets disguised as fatigue, and work related stress. Depression is a hidden Monster. The usual symptoms of depression are Persistent fatigue, drowsiness, low self confidence, extreme mood swings , feeling of utter helplessness and there are many more.

Keep a track of these symptoms, sometimes it might happen around your menstrual cycle which is a play of hormones entirely and is harmless and common. Observe what really triggers these bouts of mood swings. How is your sleep Pattern. Whenever you feel depressed, doing a few activities will help you. Try to do things that brighten you up like shopping, fun rides, walking or just going away during the weekend. Make sure you are not combating it with Alcohol, excessive eating or having a lot of coffee breaks.

  • Cut down on caffeine.
  • Best way out of it is “Talking” and “Sharing”.
  • No matter how low you feel, meet your friends, talk to them.
  • Talking is the best way of letting out your fears and problems.
  • Keep away from Negative company, that’s the last thing you need when you are already feeling a little pessimistic.

Back ache Probem In women

Back Ache is a problem that must not be overlooked at any cost. Usually back ache is a spill over of stiffness, wrong posture while walking, standing or sitting, lack of exercise, wrong mattress or a physical trauma. If the ache is caused by a physical trauma like a fall, see a doctor to check what exactly it is.

The best thing to do is, keep a pair of heels at office. Wear Flat footwear while travelling and change into heels, if you must, in your office. Give yourself 15 minutes every morning for stretch exercises. A little yoga that creates a pull on your back is great. While sitting, don’t slouch and take a 10 minutes break every 50 minutes to just stretch your arms a little bit.

You should never try to do exercises, go for massages unless you are sure about the nature of Ache. It is advisable that the “first time” aches are also checked by a doctor. The issue with back is if you have a spine injury then exercise, massage etc can make it worse. A few lifestyle changes can help you recover from back ache entirely. Kick away those heels, and I know how much we all ladies love them. But the fact is heels are bad for back. Never walk in them for long distances.

Vaginal Infection

The most common kind of vaginal infection comes in the form of UTI- urinary Tract Infection.

Symptom of Vaginal Infection:

  • Itching in the vaginal Area,
  • Burning sensation while passing urine and having intercourse,
  • Vaginal discharge with odor and sometimes,
  • Slight fever.

Cure Of Vaginal Infection:

  • The best way to avoid the infection is to use clean toilet.
  • Wash yourself thoroughly after relieving and wipe with tissue paper.
  • Keep the area dry by using any anti fungal powder.
  • Wear cotton panties during summers.
  • Drink lots of water.

Also, make sure that your partner washes himself before intercourse. Usually if the infection has just begun, it can be washed down by drinking a lot of water. Drinking lots of Coconut water acts like a magic on the infection. However, if the symptoms persist then see a doctor immediately. Also, if you are prone to vaginal Infections, it’s advisable to go for a complete check up. If the nature of your infection is same, doctor will recommend some medicine or ointment which you can keep handy.

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